Dave Hodges and Shauna Cox Threatened Over Revelations Regarding the Murder at Mulheur

Thursday, January 31, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
January 31st, 2019

I heard from many yesterday who noted that I had not published anything. That is because I received what I am taking as a threat for the proprietary information I now hold regarding the events of the Bundy Ranch affair and the Murder at Mulheur. I have learned that these events have very serious implications for every American. The Deep State is rearing its ugly head because they are very, very worried about these revelations coming out because the actions against the Bundys’ and related parties signals the future intentions of rogue elements of the FBI and FEMA and what they are planning to do the American public.

When one treads into some of the circles that I travel as an investigative reporter and columnist, one learns to take precautions. Along these lines there are two primary reasons which underlies this article. The first reason for the revelations that will follow is to protect the lives of Shauna Cox and myself. Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings both made the mistake of telling others they had damaging information on various shadowy and public figures and then not go forward with the release of that information in a timely manner. They both paid for their indecision to not reveal critical information, with their lives. The second reason for this article is to ensure that the past and present victims of FBI tyranny have not died in vain.

Meeting with Shauna Cox

Last week, Shauna Cox was visiting the Phoenix area. She contacted me and suggested that we meet because she wanted to tie up some loose ends of our work together regarding the Bundy standoffs and subsequent court case. To borrow my term, Shauna ultimately wanted to connect some dots based on our previous interviews and facts that needed to receive more public attention.

I met Shauna in an uptown Phoenix restaurant. ironically, and very early in the conversation, she said that people that meet with her have a way of dying. I did not realize that these words would become the impetus for an article.

Shauna and I recounted the events of the Cliven Bundy affair and what became known as the Murder at Mulheur in which the unarmed Lavoy Finnencum was murdered in cold blood as he was trying to surrender to the FBI who had begun shooting at his vehicle. .

Before getting into some of Shauna’s revelation of that fateful day in which she was lucky to survive, it is important to note what happened following our meeting late last week in Phoenix.

Upon concluding our meeting, Shauna and I decided we needed to do an interview. She informed me that she was traveling and I should contact her this week. Somebody did not want this interview to take place. I have had an anonymous source of information for the past 5 months. I have received some interesting news tips that have panned out from this source. However, in this instance, the latest communication was very disturbing and the tone became very personal. Here are excerpts from the email (please keep in mind that almost nobody knew that Shauna and I had met):

One of the keys of good reporting and living a long life is knowing what topics to cover and which to leave alone. How was your meeting with the Cox woman?. Every word was heard. One must consider the ramifications for reporting a mythical mass casualty event whether planned or unplanned…..

When I brought you Axis material coming out VZ, you should have been content enough to run with it and not dig up old history that can serve no purpose except to bury these ridiculous stories about the Bundy family. Cox is leading you down the wrong path, Dave…..We heard every word and you are on the wr0ng path. You need to walk away now. This story is now history and does not need to be resurfaced. You are reporting on many critical areas. Just continue to look forward because going backwards can be very counterproductive….


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