We’re Looking at a Possible Assad/Syria Situation in Venezuela

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
By Paul Martin

Roy Batty

It looks like Maduro is not going to go down without a fight.

Me personally, I don’t really have a dog in this fight, and neither does the average American… yet.

Besides, Maduro’s a bit too swarthy and Semitic for a true-blue Neon Nazi such as myself to cheer for whole-heartedly. But let me say this: if he puts up a good guerrilla war, I’ll give credit where credit is due and respect him for it.


Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro addressed Donald Trump in English to demand that Washington keep its “hands off” the country, after the US imposed sanctions on its state oil company in recognition of Juan Guaido as president.

“Donald Trump, do not get involved with Venezuela! Hands off Venezuela! Donald Trump, hands off Venezuela!” Maduro said, blaming Washington for the political conflict that is causing tremors in the country.

Maduro’s words came shortly after US imposed sanctions on the country’s state-owned oil company PDVSA in order to “help prevent the further diversion“ of assets by the country’s government. Venezuela’s president called Washington’s actions an attempt “to steal” the company, and promised to take countermeasures “to protect the interests of Venezuela.”

This whole scenario looks like Syria 2.0. Or possibly Libya 2.0.

If Russia doesn’t save Maduro’s ass like they saved Assad’s, then it will obviously be a Libya scenario. Except with a jungle aesthetic.

And the parallels between Maduro and Assad are quite apparent if you look at the situation critically.

Memes aside, people forget that Assad was a rather shitty ruler at the time as well. He was soft and indecisive and it showed. Whereas his father, Hafez put down a similar Moslem Brotherhood rebellion ruthlessly and efficiently in his time, Assad dithered and dallied and let it engulf his entire country.

Meanwhile, the population was allowed to explode, with huge numbers of Sunni peasants moving into Syrian cities and causing trouble. Rising food prices also caused hunger all over the Arab world, which was one of the reasons for the Arab Spring, other than Mossad agitation.

In Syria’s case, dehydration of the farmlands played a huge role in all of this – and it happened under Bashar’s incompetent watch. Furthermore, geopolitically, Bashar almost successfully squandered his father’s hard work by cozying up to Neocons when they invaded Iraq and allowing them to torture Iraqi Ba’athist party rivals on his territory. He almost flushed his father’s newly-minted relationship with Iran down the toilet as well. Not only that, but he ran the economy of the country for the benefit of his clan. His extended family got all the lucrative contracts and treating the country as their own personal piggy bank. A lot of smart and otherwise well-meaning Syrians were disgusted by the behavior of the Assad clan and naively joined the opposition.

The problems that both countries face are similar and also substantially of their own making. Namely, they’ve run a spectacularly corrupt and incompetent government that’s let its peasant population explode and now they can’t take care of the people’s basic needs.

Lo and behold, the Neocons are ready to swoop right in and stir the pot even more to achieve their geopolitical goals.

In general, saying that X brown country is shitty and therefore it should be invaded and overthrown is really strange logic. There are so many basketcase countries that they outnumber the normal countries. Should America invade them all?

Or possibly only invade the countries where the strongman in charge sports a mustache?

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