Democrat-run New York: You can’t own a gun, but you can murder infants with impunity… this is the new Left in America

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Vicki Batts
Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New York Democrats have just made late-term abortions the law of the land, legalizing the practice of murdering preborn infants up until the moment of birth. The bill, named the Reproductive Health Act, uses an overly broad “health” exception for third-term abortions which many people find repugnant. Even health professionals within the field of obstetrics say that third-term abortions are never necessary; at that point, the child should just be delivered, not murdered.

As a state with an overwhelming demand for the right to murder the unborn, New York’s crackdown on gun rights is laughable. Democrat politicians preach violence, blame guns for the problems tearing our society apart, and call for the termination of the Second Amendment — all while turning a blind eye to the inherent violence of ripping a fetus from the womb and tearing it to pieces.

New York passes bill to protect late-term abortions
After making its way through state legislature, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the highly detestable Reproductive Health Act (RHA) into law. Under RHA, abortions are legal until 24 weeks of gestation — at which point, a majority of babies are able to survive outside the womb with well-orchestrated care.

But, the legislation also provides room for abortions after this 24-week period, when a baby would have an excellent chance at survival. The broadness of this “health” exception has been a sticking point for pro-life advocates.

New York Right To Life contends that the legislation makes it possible to abort a baby for any reason, including “age, economic, social and emotional factors, rather than the biological definition of ‘health’ that normally comes to mind.”

Life News reports further that RHA also introduced a new definition for the word “person.” The pro-abortionist definition is now “a human being who has been born and is alive.”

Under RHA, abortion is named a “fundamental right,” which the state cannot “deny, regulate or restrict.”

As many others have surmised, this language all but ensures that abortions can be carried out at any stage of pregnancy, up until the moment of birth. And Democrats around the country are celebrating this as a victory.

Guns are bad, but murder is fine

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