The President’s Ten Sins of Omission…(Please Support RR! Just A 5 or 10 Helps!)

Monday, January 28, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
January 28th, 2019

Is it true that the Trump administration is done? No! Is it true that the Trump administration is completely and utterly paralyzed? Absolutely yes!

Trump Has Become a Laughing Stock

Great damage is being done to Trump’s 2020 campaign by his inaction. The Russians and the Chinese, as well as other heads of state are mocking the President as they are sticking the title of President before Pelosi’s name? Even California Representative Karen Bass (D), stated that Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, should deliver the State of the Union Address. This is by far the lowest moment for this President and very quickly, the polls are going to reflect the growing level of awareness by the public as to the President’s inaction and acquiescing to the radical and lunatic left.

There is, however, a rumor that is getting legs among reliable sources that may explain some of the President’s hesitation. Before getting to that in tomorrow’s article, let’s first briefly examine the President’s failures as it relates to his seemingly refusal to exercise his power as President.

The President’s 10 Sins of Omission

1.The failure to curb the illegal actions of social media censorship of the only media that supports conservative candidates and the President. As Doug and Joe Hagmann are my witnesses, I addressed a person who has direct and regular contact with the President while we were at the Steve Quayle event in Branson, MO. in mid-September of 2018. I detailed for 35 minutes the social forum illegalities of Google, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Their infractions ranged from violations of open forum laws to anti-trust violations. The person I was speaking with took notes. I expected nothing to come from the conversation. However, in the next week, the President tweeted and spoke about going after social media and some of the phraseology was in evidence in Trump’s statements. Since then, the President has done nothing. This was over 6 weeks before the midterm elections. Had the President acted immediately, as he should have, the House may have been saved from a take-0ver of the Deep State Socialist Democrats. Without our full participation, the Independent Media was the deciding factor in the 2016 Presidential election. The proof in the pudding is what happened in the 2018 election as we were shadow-banned to death. Trump lost the midterm election when he failed to exercise his power as President to regulate the social media monopolistic gestapo.

2.Obama and Clinton et al could be sitting in a prison cell today if the President had released the infamous dossier which would have shown illegal collusion between the Clinton Foundation and Obama as well as a lot of Deep State minions. The DOJ refused to release the files. Trump should have personally gone to the responsible department and fired and arrested one attorney after another until he found an attorney that wanted to keep his pension and freedom, who would release the documents. They would have made good reading at the scheduled State of the Union speech.

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