The Trump Train Is Dead on Arrival

Saturday, January 26, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
January 26th, 2019

President Trump may very well have already lost the 2020 election. His indecisiveness and unwillingness to use the full force of his office to bring the American people inexcusable. This article will examine the areas of concern that are serving to alienate his base.

Border Security

Despite all the attention to the subject of border security, more illegal aliens are crossing the border than during the Obama administration. Even with Trump putting the military on the border, they keep coming and coming.

The concern does not concern the good people who have been enticed to illegally enter the country, but they are merely looking to make ends meet by getting a job. As I have said many times before, I am concerned about the terrorists (Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS), the assassins (MS13), the drug dealers, the child traffickers and the habitual criminals. The reason why I loathe Pelosi and Schumer is because they don’t care how many Americans are victimized by these evil doers. However, I did not expect the same indifference from Trump and that is precisely what we are seeing. Trumps failure to secure border funding is endangering every American. He just raised the white flag on declaring a national emergency (ie martial law) at the border and acting accordingly.

Trump says that he is giving the Democrats until February 15th to agree to fund the border wall or he is declaring a national emergency. Trump reminds me of an unarmed British policeman who yells at a fleeing felon “stop, or I will say stop again”. In other words, Trump has descended into having more bark that bite. Where is our warrior, our defender? He is asleep at the wheel. The border is collapsing and Trump has turned into Nero as he fiddles away our national security.

Trump’s Failure to Address Social Media Censorship: Trump Is Defecating In His Own Nest!
I, like many of my colleagues in the Independent Media, dedicated every resource at our disposal to get Trump elected. We were his only positive media force. The MSM denigrated and attempted to destroy Trump’s candidacy at every turn.

With Roger Stone being indicted for complicity in colluding with the Russians, I want to remind everyone that I was one of 200 Independent Media (IM) journalists who the Washington Post identified as Russian spies during the 2016 campaign. If it were not for the Independent Media, Hillary Clinton gets elected. Like many in the IM, we poured our souls into Trump’s campaign. We literally brought millions disaffected Americans to the fight and persuaded them to vote for Trump. If the IM was not the deciding factor, the social media giants would not be illegally censoring us. Are we the only reason he got elected? No, however, were the main reason and Trump has turned his back on us,like Judas in the night.

In September of 2018, from Branson MO., Doug and Joe Hagmann watched as I had a conversation with an individual who had regular contact with Trump. In detail, I explained the illegalities of the social media censorship against the IM. The individual took notes. Four days later, Trump issued a statement which paralleled the information I provided as he warned the social media he was coming for them for violation of anti-trust and open forum laws. At that time, we were a couple of months ahead of the midterm elections and I thought Trump was going to act in time to save the House of Representatives from hostile takeover from the communist forces trying usurp our liberties. Since Trump has issued his paper tiger warning, it has been a case of crickets chirping. Trump has, in effect, totally abandoned the people who had the most to do with his successful campaign. As a result, he has lost the House, he has lost the border and he is alienating his base. Unfortunately, the divide between Trump and his base is in evidence in other areas as well.

Hillary’s Continued Freedom Is Insulting to Every American

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