Niall McCrae: Clash of Civilizations — Individualism is the Savior of Western Society

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Niall McCrae
January 23, 2019

No book has been cited by political and social observers more often than George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Today, our rulers seem hell-bent on enacting this dystopia through the creep of state surveillance, manipulation of language to mask the truth, and puritanical control of normal human behaviour such as humour or courtship.

Yet one aspect of Orwell’s prophecy has been relatively overlooked.

Orwell’s story was set in London, part of Airstrip One in the federation of Oceania.

In a permanent state of war, the enemy alternates between Eurasia and Eastasia, the other world powers.

Comprising the former USA, UK, Australasia and other English-speaking areas, Oceania seems mighty, yet it can no longer survive without strategic alliance.

From a current perspective, a triadic division is indeed emerging.

For Oceania, read the West, as well as the Anglo sphere, this includes the European nations, which have tried to consolidate in the form of the EU.

Eurasia may be understood as the ascendant Umma, principally based in the established Muslim lands of North Africa, the Middle East and southern Asia, but transcending these boundaries due to mass migration into Europe.

This huge diaspora could bolster or undermine its Western hosts.

Representing Eastasia is China: its fiefdom expanding across the Orient and Pacific to its new dependencies in Latin America and the southern half of Africa.

These two developing forces already threaten the West.

Infused with the Judeo-Christian principle of free will, our liberal Enlightenment values contrast starkly with the submissive absolutism of the Mohammedan creed, with its laws and rituals governing every aspect of people’s lives.

An uneasy coexistence is maintained as polite society ignores problems such as the widespread sexual abuse of working-class schoolgirls – crimes arising from warped messages about the impurity of infidels.

Terrorism has become a constant — from lone slayers shouting ‘Allahu akhbar’ to carefully planned attacks on shopping centres and nightclubs.

Against the threat of devastating internal strife, Western governments will choose the path of least resistance, appeasing the demands of an assertive Muslim populace for special rights and protection.

Inevitably, elements of Sharia law will be granted for the sake of community relations.

Increasingly more people will be jailed for Islamophobia than for Islamist attacks on the remnants of liberal democratic culture.

China, meanwhile, is determined to become the supreme global power.

It too has the people, but with the advantages of a rationalised authoritarian political system and technological prowess.

The West is belatedly waking up to the threat of state-sponsored infiltration by Chinese corporations such as Huawei, which governments naively allowed to gain a foothold in communication and security systems.

Hacking of vital networks is a very serious threat, with nations potentially held to ransom.

How long can we survive without electricity? Is recognising Taiwan really all that important?

While the threats to the West are constantly discussed, less thought has been given to the coming clash between its two rival powers.

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