Gold Fever And The Rush Into Gold & Silver Will Likely Come Much Sooner Than Most People Think

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
By Paul Martin
January 23, 2019

SD Midweek Update: The mad scramble into gold & silver will likely come sooner than later just as this of all weeks is perfect for spotting black swans…

I’m not sure if this is kind of funny or downright scary?

The Baby Boomers are still in charge.

They still call all the shots.

If the Boomers are not responsible for the coming economic collapse of the United States, then at the very minimum, it will be the Boomers who are on watch when it collapses.

The Millennials are up-and-comers.

Thanks to social media, the Millennials are rising in popularity, albeit at the expense of brain cells. In my estimation, there is a direct inverse correlation between popularity and intelligence, and of the most popular, especially right now, are people of the likes of, oh, say, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (known as “AOC”, just like the other “AOC” well known for its cheap, generic Chinese computer monitors of unreliable poor user experiences, but different), and AOC certainly falls in line with my estimate.

But what ever happened to Generation X?

Ahhh, that is the question.

You see, if the Boomers will be on watch during the economic collapse, and therefore, by extension, will be responsible for the collapse, then some group will have to rebuild.

Will it be the Millennials?

Not a chance.

At their very core, Millennials think unicorns exist and that money grows on trees, and they think those two things quite literally. For those Millennials who were told otherwise, as in those Millennials know certain things do not exist, such as Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, those people understand that money does not grow on trees, but unfortunately, they think that money can be summoned (from mom or dad) with the snap of two fingers or with the click of a mouse.

Furthermore, the Millennials were not at the peak of general education in the United States like Generation X was. The Millennials were not taught to challenge the accepted truths, theories and narratives of the day in a manner which the Millennials would not only win the challenge, but also come up with new truths, theories and narratives.


The Millennials were only taught rote memory of Police State (Deep State) propaganda and to be completely and totally submissive to authority.

Enter Generation X.

Completely crude.


Unnecessarily brute.

And with a complexity to their intellect that the Boomers are unwilling to learn and the Millennials are incapable of learning.

That’s not the part that is either kind of funny or downright scary, however.

It’s either funny or scary that Generation X is completely ignored, as if an entire generation of people just don’t exist.

We hear talk from time to time about “the lost generation”, and by the looks of it you would think that generation is Generation X, but it is not. I mean, It’s not like Generation X is incapable.

Intellectually, with their unique problem solving skills, Generation X is actually the most capable of rebuilding and therefore cannot be the lost generation.

So in a Forrest Gump kind of way, that would be funny.

Or it’s downright scary.

Because both the Boomers and the Millennials are afraid of Generation X.

Which is why we never even hear a peep from the sheeple, a peep that includes the word and letter in the order of “Generation” then “X”.

As the economic collapse has taken its toll, the Boomers will not be leading in the reconstruction.

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