Senator Elizabeth Warren likens an abortion to getting your TONSILS YANKED, because population control freaks think human babies in the womb are just worthless tissue

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Monday, January 21, 2019

Socialism is just Communism wrapped up in “free stuff” the government hands out in exchange for the majority of your income and the removal of your rights to free speech, free press, and gun ownership. Socialists also want to do away with the middle class in America, and that means making sure pregnant women see no value in the living being in their womb, so they will have it extinguished and removed like a rotten tooth or infected tonsils, and a future “burden on society.”

That’s exactly why the lying, cheating Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, who robbed the system by falsely claiming to be Native American, wants everyone to believe that a living, thinking, feeling human in the womb is really just a worthless empty vessel and a useless carcass that needs to get yanked out and thrown in a dumpster like biomedical waste.

That’s also why fake Native American “Liz” claims abortions are safer than having your tonsils removed, even though that’s a flat-out lie. It’s all just propaganda spread by worthless Democrats whose insidious agenda runs deep, including population control through abortions, mass forced vaccinations, and gun confiscation so nobody can defend what’s left of their families.

Every abortion is the execution and extermination of an innocent, unique human life, and that’s just what the Democrats are ordering

Many people who support abortion do so because hardly a woman who gets pregnant from rape or incest wants to have that baby, and that certainly makes sense. Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, is a great con, because it’s not about helping people plan a family, as the name implies, but rather it’s all about killing as many minority babies as possible before they ever exit the womb.

If you’re planning a family and searching for resources on healthy living and organic parenting advice, you should first turn to successful moms (and dads) who really care. There’s an amazing collection of over 100 blogs called Mamavation that will help you stay on a healthy, compassionate path.

Risks associated with abortion complications run HIGH, and it’s nothing at all like having your tonsils out or a tooth pulled

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