Fertile Ground for a False Flag Event…(Please Support RR If Possible!)

Monday, January 21, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
January 21st, 2019

It has happened before and a Deep State false flag event could make it happen again.

There are at least five ways that Trump will leave office: (1) He is defeated in the 2020 election due to his reputation being further compromised; (2) He is assassinated; (3) He is impeached and convicted; (4) Trump is taken out of power by a coup; and, (5) He retires after serving two terms as President.

This article will take a cursory look at the Deep State’s plot to destroy the reputation of the President, thus making him unelectable by making him appear to indifferent to the safety of the flying public.

Even the Mainstream Media has accurately described the growing crisis which could lead to a catastrophe or even a false flag which will be used to blame Trump due to his shut down of the federal government.

Fertile Ground for a False Flag


The TSA said unscheduled absences on Saturday reached 8 percent of its 51,000 officers, compared with 3 percent a year ago. The TSA officers are among the some 420,000 government employees who have been deemed essential, and have been ordered to work during the shutdown. That group also includes air traffic controllers.

Has anyone considered the fact that ordering people to work without any kind of compensation constitutes slavery? Are these federal employees supposed to work until they lose their home and their children have nothing to eat? What is the cumulative impact of this crisis on their job performance? This is something that nobody is talking about. When does morale, fatigue and anxiety impact job performance? Even if these government employees don’t endanger the flying public, tell that to a nation that just suffered a mid-air collision during this shut down due to a false flag attack. Who will get the blame?

President Trump is leaving himself vulnerable to extreme criticism if a tragedy were to befall the airline industry resulting in a major loss of life. This is why I believe it is possible that we are going to see a major false flag in order to further cast the President in a negative light. If this were to happen, Trump’s popularity numbers would nose-dive.

I cannot say for certain that this false flag is going to happen, but I am certain that a false flag event is going to happen in a manner where Trump will take the brunt of the criticism and blame.

Under the present set of circumstances, the number one possibility for a dramatic false flag lies within the airline industry.

It is also interesting to note that the 30 day government shutdown is forcing the TSA to call in its auxiliary reserves which are typically not used unless the nearby TSA employees are impacted by a natural disaster. In other words, the TSA has employed its final line of defense. Trump’s simple solution is to staff the security at the airport with military by the order of the President.

Given the evil nature of the Deep State and their proven depraved indifference to human life, I have been saying for three weeks that I expect a false flag involving one or two planes which results in a significant loss of life. The President is being negligent. There is nothing like an airplane crash to grab headlines. He has the power to close down this possibility and he is not acting.

And what kind of false flag would this be? There is nothing quite like the tragedy of a mid-air collision. I can hear it now, “the controllers were overworked and highly stressed over the fact they had not been paid”. Can’t you just hear it now? “The stress of unpaid bills and long hours was just too much and a tragedy was bound to happen thanks to Trump’s shutdown of the government”. Do you want someone to blame? Blame Trump!

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