America’s Enemies Are Coming Into Clear Focus

Wednesday, January 16, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
January 16th, 2019

Back in October of 2018, I detailed how I was told by an “agency” source to refer to Trump’s UN speech as it was very telling. I discovered that Trump proclaimed the importance of American sovereignty as opposed to globalism which dominates world leaders. He said that “Americans govern America”. However, his statement went much further as embedded in the speech was a scant reference to the Monroe Doctrine. This kind of protectionism is apparently being used to legally justify what appears to be an American invasion and regime change in Venezuela. In executing this invasion, I originally believed that President Trump was clearly supporting the globalists economic interests against the Chinese and very possibly the Russians. The BRICS alliance flies in the face modern globalism. I . was only partially correct. Please follow my line of reasoning as I demonstrate how the President was walking a fine line in order to preserve American sovereignty.


I have often said that the BRICS vs. Western-Rothschild dominated banking nations would form the two sides for World War III. Occupation of Venezuelan oil fields could very well tip the economic balance of power. If this is the case, then clearly Trump is supporting the Rothschild banking interests, or so it appeared this past October. Why would he do that? At that time it appeared that this may be the only way that Trump can maintain his economic recovery. The Fed keeps raising interest rates and this is cutting into American economic recovery. In short, Trump is getting squeezed on both ends. The Fed on one hand and the growing menace of the BRICS on the other were pushing this President to act. It would appear that Trump’s planned invasion of Venezuela has covert UN backing, yet, as the reader will discover, Trump is brilliant and was walking both sides of the fence in the interest of preserving what’s left of America.

I want to clearly point out that the Venezuelan economy and diminishing food supply was the original work of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Obama. I previously covered on The Common Sense Show, that Clinton blackmailed Venezuela’s neighbors to cut of trade and mostly stop any shipment of food. Clearly Clinton was using food as a weapon against Venezuela. It is my belief and the belief of some of my sources that Trump inherited this problem is trying to make the best of a bad situation.

In October of 2018, the BRICS connection is undeniable and it has the Chinese fingerprints all over this. Within the past several months, I have covered how the Chinese have partnered with BRICS member, South Africa to take farmland from white farmers and split the mineral resources from the land. Does the Chinese oil treaty with Venezuela foretell China’s intention to defend Venezuela against American imperialism? As I have discovered, the BRICS and the Axis of Unity are basically one in the same organization and their organizational intent is identical, the destruction of the United States.

As a reminder, the BRICS are nations who are dedicated to overturning the use of the American “Petro”dollar as the World’s reserve currency and replace it wtih gold-backed sales of oil. This deal was first cemented by Russia, the buyer of oil, and Iran, the seller of the oil. This conflict underlies the Federal Reserve’s desire to effect a series of regime changes in the Middle East, most notably Syria and Iran.

This BRICS nations originally consisted of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Although Iran is not formally listed, it is their oil that is being used by the BRICS. Cuba is also an associate member of the BRICS. The BRICS are attempting to bring in Venezuela’s oil into the BRICS armada and sphere of influence. This lengthy contextual background is absolutely necessary to understand how the United States is being invaded on its southern border as well as how World War III could result from the BRICS as well as the Axis of Unity.

The Axis of Unity

I recently reviewed an article from this past November, that was written by retired CIA operations officer, Brad Johnson, who claimed that the Central American immigration caravans are being financed by the state of Iran, as part of the “Axis of Unity” with Venezuela and Cuba and others against “US imperialism”. I had previously exposed this agenda. He says that Iranian intelligence and military officers are embedded in Venezuela’s equivalent organizations, some in high-level positions of authority. Together with Cuba’s “highly professional” intelligence agency, they are organizing the caravans as a means of asymmetrical warfare. Terrorists are embedded in these caravans. These assertions were recently published on The Common Sense Show.
The Axis of Unity does not have the ability to militarily challenge the United States. Subsequently, weaponized poor people in Honduras in a strategy of “death by a thousand cuts,” to inflict mayhem and carnage, whenever and however one can perpetrate with the express purpose of weakening one’s enemy (ie the US), to the point where they can ultimately be defeated.
Previously, The Common Sense Show identified the Axis of Unity as the instrument of George Soros and the UN Migration Council who is intent the United States through wave after wave of immigrants. Iran is the brainchild for this activity according to Brad Johnson. Further, the Axis of Unity is laying a trap for America in Venezuela.

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