Horrifying predictions for 2019 – 2020 revealed in this six-minute video

Sunday, January 13, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Sunday, January 13, 2019

“You are living through the final chapter of modern human civilization,” I explain in the opening of a new, six-minute video that lays out predictions for 2019 – 2020.

“A catastrophic global collapse is coming, and you’re seeing society rip itself apart.”

The video covers the shocking state of present-day reality, including the truth about the CIA-run fake news media, how modern medicine has become a death sentence, how Leftists celebrate the mass murder of unborn babies, how language has been obliterated by progressives, how logic and reason have been destroyed, and much more.

If you want to know where things are really headed in 2019 – 2020, watch this short video for some stunning — but honest — analysis.

4 Responses to “Horrifying predictions for 2019 – 2020 revealed in this six-minute video”

  1. Fossil

    Still the vast majority are oblivious to it all.
    A blank stare is the common reaction to most all of these serious issues. There’s no stopping what’s coming, it’s been in the works for many decades and no one has shown the least bit of concern. A friend of mine reminds me that if these things are happening! He doesn’t want to know. I would say our continent is ripe for the picking.
    Best too ya mike.

  2. laura ann

    Few understand globalist agendas, so few even among older people. Best to prepare and move out of cities if possible, some cannot. Trump must take drug seizure assets and fund the wall there are 14 bill. $ which should cover it. His credibility will soon be shot to H if this isn’t done along with exiting the US from the UN which is pushing open borders. Many are so cynical on politicians at this point, who will no longer show up at the polls as many thought Trump would fix things!! Soon or we are done.

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Guys like Mike Adams are idiot morons. They don’t think they are. They THINK they’re doing good by “informing” the sheeple of what bad things the proverbial “they” are doing to them. Here’s some wise advice for the Mikes of America … but he ( and they, ) won’t listen because well … they know best. They’re “smart and informed.” 🙂

    Happy and blessed is the nation who’s rulers are Godly men. For our nation to be strong safe and blessed … our leaders and those in gatekeeper positions, MUST be Christian. Also, notice everyone fighting to get in countries founded by and run by whites. Why is that Mike ? Golly jeepers pa … it seems they’re superior !!!?

    You see Mike, the only solution is A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY. It’ll never happen because of brainwashed PC pussies like you. Nope. You’ll narrate each inch The Titanic sinks … until the 3rd world darkie invaders are kicking in YOUR door raping YOUR wife and taking your belongings and your nation … you fuc%ing pansy you.

    So go on and on and on telling us how bad it is but don’t DARE present or have a guest on your show present, THE obvious solution. Some zero will call you “racist.” Oh wait … they already are anyways.

  4. laura ann

    Internet kill switch (censorship) soon! This is Marxism to the core! Stasi raids next, etc.


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