From The First Bush Presidency, 9-11, Barack Obama, To Gender Confusion, Decades Of Destruction Of America from Within

Saturday, January 5, 2019
By Paul Martin

This silent coup from Socialist insurgents within our own government has been going on for decades. Slowly and assuredly, they have brought us to the boiling point we are at today.

JANUARY 5, 2019

The Socialists have been hard at it trying to transform the United States from an independent constitutional nation to just another spot on the map that is governed by the United Nations. The push for a New World Order where all nations lose their sovereignty and accept world laws and policies as put forth and enforced by an overall central governing body, in this case, the UN, began in 1990 with the George H. W. Bush presidency. Almost from the very first day in office, Bush began his quest to destroy the USA for his Nazi core vision of a one world government.

On September 11, 1991, Bush gave a speech to the nation and the world laying out his vision of a NWO.

Since then, we have had nothing but anti-American Socialists running our country in both the House and Senate as well as the White House. Bill Clinton kept this vision going, via his Vice President Al Gore and his dire global warming predictions of catastrophe if we did not change the way we live and accept a UN dictated lifestyle to combat it. Interestingly, this would mean that we would allow the UN to change the way we live our daily lives and give up all individual freedom and civil liberties for the sake of saving the planet.

From here, we went to the George W Bush presidency, where the vision of an NWO really became solidified after the 9-11 attacks in 2001 with the implementation of the Patriot Act which heralded the destruction of the US constitution in favor of protecting us from the threat of international terrorism.

Then came the Barack H Obama presidency which literally sealed the NWO into America, primarily by his signing the National Defense Authorization Act. The NDAA erased the US constitution entirely in every way possible. NDAA meant that anyone could be detained without a warrant at any given time based on even a suspicion that they may be involved with terrorism. It also gave the Federal government the authority to take possession of virtually any and all aspects of commerce both private and those under state and local governments at any time it chose to.

NDAA paved the way to dishonest news reporting in legalizing propaganda on the American public. This is why we have a mainstream media in the US today that really does not report news, but gives us biased opinions, slants all stories, and politicizes each and every piece of news.

This, while in the meantime, the Bush demand for a domestic spying program on every American was drastically expanded during the Obama years to include the recording of everything see, do, and say by phone, internet, or even in our own living rooms via a computer or television by the NSA and other US clandestine organizations. As it is now, we have cameras, many with audio recording abilities at every street corner, keeping tabs on everyone in every city in America.

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