Death of Democracy, America’s Loss of Rule of Law

Saturday, January 5, 2019
By Paul Martin

Gordon Duff

As of the beginning of 2019, America enters a meltdown. Congress, under the House leadership of Nancy Pelosi, says President Trump may well be indicted for crimes, election fraud, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, no one is sure except maybe Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

What is known, however, is that the deterioration of rule of law in the US has gone on for decades with the scales of justice under the absolute control of the powerful and corrupt. What is also know to anyone who pays remote attention is that it is the GOP, which doesn’t necessarily mean Donald Trump, that has been bought and paid for by special interests.

This issue has come to light only recently, and to a degree few are aware, as moves unseen by the public are bringing potential reforms into play. The powerbases within the military and intelligence community, never well understood and too often assumed to be owned by Israel or Wall Street, are close to quietly assuming power.

Past that, business leaders are also organizing, terrified of runaway policies that have led to even deeper debt, potential civil unrest and, most threatening of all, the collapse of the dollar.

Even less well known are groups that have long recognized and opposed the Deep State, even when it was called “the Illuminati” or “Bilderbergers” or whatever the flavor of the month term may have been. The enemies of entropy, some now with potential billions of dollars in backing, stand ready to issue a secret ultimatum to Donald Trump.

Trump is the “wild card,” neither “goose nor gander.” Behind his visible gross incompetence and outrageous behavior are occasional acts of defiance that may be accidental or may be utter brilliance, no one really knows.

Be that as it may, the only way America can be saved, not just through newfound isolationism or trade wars, is through restoration of traditional checks and balances that long ago melted away as the fake “conservative right” reengineered America’s institutions to fail.

America was never intended to be a democracy. With a population of immigrants, many incredibly poor and uneducated, any political con man, like perhaps Donald Trump, if the example fits, could hoodwink Americans into political suicide.

America under her current constitution wasn’t really founded by “Founding Fathers,” but rather by those who came by later, opportunists, speculators and too many with strong ties to secret societies and European banks, if historian Charles A. Beard is to be believed as expressed in his 1913 seminal work, An Economic Interpretation of the United States. From Wikipedia, a weak but usable interpretation though wrought with the usual error that infects all Wikipedia works:

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