U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) appears to be gearing up for massive border invasion with new contract to acquire 375 million rounds of tactical rifle ammunition

Wednesday, December 19, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Anyone who doesn’t yet realize the U.S. government is gearing up to defend America against a major land invasion of foreign nationals needs to look at this press release from December 10, 2018: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Awards Federal Premium a .223 Remington Ammunition Contract.

The press release describes a 5-year, $75 million contract to “provide the organization’s agents and officers with .223 Rem duty and training ammunition.”

For those who aren’t familiar with firearms, .223 Remington ammo is used in AR-15 rifles. It’s not technically identical to 5.56 NATO, but rifles that can fire 5.56 NATO can also fire .223 Remington.

These aren’t pistol rounds, in other words, and they can be used by soldiers in military rifles.

In government quantities, these rounds cost roughly $0.20 each. This means that $75 million will acquire about 375 million rounds of ammunition.

That’s 18,750 rounds of ammunition per ICE employee

ICE currently employs 20,000 people. If the 375 million rounds of ammunition were equally distributed across all 20,000 ICE employees, that would give each employee 18,750 rounds of ammunition.

That’s a massive amount of ammunition. The average county sheriff’s deputy is allotted approximately 50 rounds per month of duty ammo in order to maintain some minimum level of firearms proficiency. That’t 600 rounds per year.

SWAT team members, the elite firearms squads of police departments, will often fire 1,000 – 2,000 rounds of ammunition per month in training. Active duty soldiers may go through several thousand rounds a month during certain periods of their training, and soldiers in hot war zones can, of course, burn through thousands of rounds a month, too.

But distributing 18,750 rounds of ammunition to each of the 20,000 ICE employees is so far off the scale of what’s routinely required that it’s scary. It begs the question: What does Homeland Security know that they aren’t telling us?

375 million rounds of ammunition is more in line with what you’d need for a full-scale military operation, not merely protecting the border from people who flee when they’re bombed by pepper spray.

Federal Tactical ammunition is very good quality ammunition

Notably, Federal is a well respected quality brand of ammunition. It’s not junk ammo for plinking or low-end training. This is battle-ready ammunition that gets the job done when you need to stop targets cold.

As the president of Federal Ammunition explains, “Officers in the field require the highest quality ammunition at their disposal, in their vigilant fight to protect our freedoms. Federal Tactical ammunition ensures the highest performance threshold, and absolute officer confidence in terminal performance.”

The phrase “terminal performance,” for those of you who aren’t experienced shooters, means the ammunition can be reliably expected to accomplish two things when it strikes an intended target: Penetration and expansion. Or, put medically, making deep holes and big holes in your intended target. That’s the purpose of ammunition, of course: to physically stop someone whose actions are threatening your person, your family or perhaps even your nation. Big holes achieve that goal, and the ammunition design and composition determines the ballistic effects on the target.

This isn’t just normal ammunition, by the way: It’s branded “tactical” ammunition. As the press release states:

Federal Tactical is a trusted partner for some of the most intense conditions encountered by law enforcement. It achieves accuracy and terminal performance that defeats tough barriers with minimal deviation. The ammunition utilizes the highest quality Federal brass, projectiles and primers.

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