The letter “W” is SEXIST and must be banned from the English language because it obviously resembles two breasts, that’s why men used the “double u” to begin the word “women”

Friday, November 30, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: A. Moffit
Friday, November 30, 2018

Editor’s note The following post is part of our “progressive” series authored by A. Moffit, who decries the discrimination, bigotry and unfairness in society. In this post, Moffit takes aim at the letter “w” which he says showcases women’s breasts and is therefore inappropriate and should be banned from the English language in the interests of equality. Yep, this what it has come to.

All liberals are smart enough to realize when misogynists are trying to make females feel insecure and subservient, so men can continue to run the country and every work office, while furthering the abuse of women with all the politically-incorrect, obtuse, social shortcomings that keep men in power. It would be much simpler and obviously appropriate to begin the word ‘women’ with an “F” for female, and just make it “femen.”

Yet, just like when a man stares at a woman’s breasts or cleavage while she’s having an intellectual conversation with him or making some valid point – all in order to demean her and distract her and make her feel like a sex object instead of showing her respect as a critically thinking human being, the “W” in every word in the English language is a long-standing ploy to degrade all people with breasts.

Whether you draw your “W” pointed or curved, the double-u is a symbol of breasts, and must be deleted from the English language in the name of equality

English was first spoken in early medieval England by some West Germanic tribes of men that migrated to Britain, when men were still enslaving women and treating them like property. Women had zero control then over their social lives. In fact, if a woman was raped back then, the punishment was handing over the rapist’s wife to the victim’s husband, so he could have his way with HER – thus creating a new victim of rape, for no other reason than to punish women for men’s crimes.

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