The Female “Patsy” Who Has the Power to Start World War III

Thursday, November 29, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 29th, 2018

I have been extensively writing about the Deep State threat coming out of Central America. However, there is a preliminary event which I believe must happen in advance of the attack and it is World War III. Once the war starts the US will be attacked through its southern underbelly. We are very, very close to this happening. Presently, a woman who has been leveraged over the Steele Dossier, is doing the bidding of the globalists and her present mission is to start World War III.

From the BBC:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine’s leader, Petro Poroshenko, of trying to boost his ratings ahead of 2019 elections with a naval confrontation off Crimea.

This orchestrated conflict, was led by an American Diplomat who is now totally under the control of the Deep State. Ambassador Nuland, and President Trump needs to fire her immediately as well as the commanding US officer in NATO. Both are conspiring to start WW III on behalf of the Deep State.

From former CIA officer, Robert David Steele who just emailed me the following: A senior retired officer wrote this:

Vicky Nuland ordered [Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko] to start a war with Russian Federation and guaranteed that NATO and Pentagon would step in and defeat the Russians? NeoCons, PNACers and Zionists believe that unless Russian Federation is stopped using war on two fronts (Crimea and Syria/Iran, the US Petro Dollar and Israel/Saudi Arabia are finisimo?

I am personally worried that Israel has a plan to lure Iran into a strike and is then relying on the US to bail it out (or the Israelis are over-confident of their own nuclear capabilities against Iran). I personally think Netanyahu is a criminally insane individual with a messianic complex, and that Iran is vastly more competent and able to hold its own.

If I were President, apart from assigning Bill Binney full authority to harvest everything NSA has on Victoria Nuland and known associates including General Scaparrotti; I would also be making a very strong public statement of disengagement (as well as firing Scaparrotti and pulling all US forces back and announcing an intend to pull completely out of NATO). This is out of control.

It is clear that Robert David Steele has fingered Nuland as a catalyst in the plot for NATO to get WW III started on behalf of the bankers and globlalist leaders of Europe.

Who Is Nuland?

Nuland is an insider’s, insider. Because of her previous positions, traversing two separate administrations, she knows where all the bodies are buried, literally and figuratively. And at the present moment, Nuland is a bigger threat to the Deep State and the revelation of their illegal antics than Debbie Wasserman Schultz and even Hillary Clinton. In fact, Nuland’s previous Senate testimony could have sent either Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to prison. As I describe in a later paragraph, Nuland was compromised and forced to participate in the event that led to the fake Russian-Collusion-Delusion Mueller investigation. she Was forced to testify before the Senate, but Jeff Sessions protected her. Nuland’s allies to keep her out of prison were Jeff Sessions, the former AG, and his top assistant, Rod Rosenstein. I had previously speculated that Nuland would not survive to testify. However, I did not account for her Deep State ally, Jeff Sessions.

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