U.K. govt. agency warning that coming massive space storms will wipe out modern society by killing all electronics

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Monday, November 26, 2018

The Met Office in the United Kingdom is warning that massive solar storms that occur on an average of about once every 100 years are coming and that, without adequate warning, they could wipe out most technology on earth, hurling much of the world back to the 18th century.

The country’s national weather service says Britain could be “crippled by huge electrical disturbances caused by storms in space unless a satellite network is built that can detect them coming,” The Sunday Times reported last week.

Naturally, the U.K. would not be the only country affected. Such massive solar storms would also wreak havoc on technology the world over, having the greatest negative impact on the most technologically advanced countries.

“We find that for a one-in-100-year event, with no space weather forecasting capability, the gross domestic product loss to the United Kingdom could be as high as £15.9bn (about $20.4 billion),” The Met Office study said. “With existing satellites nearing the end of their life, forecasting capability will decrease in coming years, so if no further investment takes place, critical infrastructure will become more vulnerable to space weather.”

According to NASA, the U.S. space agency utilizes its entire network of “Heliophysics missions” to study space weather, in part for the purposes of detecting and/or predicting solar storms. NASA also partners with additional U.S. agencies “to fulfill the space weather research or operational objectives of the nation,” the agency says on its website. Primarily, this is accomplished through an existing fleet of satellites mostly belonging to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the agency said.

There has been an interest in the scientific community to detect and measure space weather since the mid-1800s when disruptions of the then-modern telegraph system were observed thanks to solar storms. Also, soon after radio was invented in the early 1900s, radio operators discovered that transmissions were affected by the sun.

In 1859, a gigantic solar flare actually doubled the brightness of the sun for a few minutes. That increase in brightness was followed by a surge of magnetism which caused major electric currents in telegraph wires across Europe, causing widespread fires, The Sun reported.

In 1989, a solar flare affected Quebec, Canada, burning out power cables and causing a massive blackout.

Grid-down scenario would mean the end of civilized life

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