Heavily Armed Central American Paramilitary Troops Crossing the US Border In Remote Locations-Russian False Flag Is Looming

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 27th, 2018

Repeatedly, I have bee informed by deep cover intelligence sources, that the Port of Entry (POE) locations along the border (eg Tijuana) will not be where the real action lies. The real action will lie in remote border crossings where low lying fences and water are the only barriers.

What We Know About the Caravans

The so-called asylum seekers are 75% male are under the age of 35 and appear to very athletic. When these groups have arrived at the border, a border patrol agent appearing on CNN stated “they push the women and children to the front of the line and the terrorists in the back begin to rock (meaning throw rocks) at our personnel”. CNN could not have ended this interview any more abruptly because this was not the pre-determined narrative that the anti-Trump network wants to promote.

The waves that have arrived at the border are a paramilitary army, the vanguard of the Red Dawn invasion force written about by myself for the past four years.

My DHS source, over a month ago, predicted the use of these tactics at the border and they have come to pass. When I received confirmation from another intelligence source, I published the following warning about planned violence at the border which included the migrants, actually MS-13 and ISIS placing women and children in the caravans in harms way. Here is that report.

However, during the same time frame, I learned that the border incidents which are coming are more a distraction. The real action will come away from the border and subsequent to receiving this information from a former ARSOF officer, I published the following report:

Further, Paul Martin filed a report with the CSS in which his intel sources have told him that the terrorists have distributed pre-stored weapons caches for use by terrorists when they infiltrate into the interior of the country.

Further, I published the following report which speaks clearly to the intent of what is coming from these invading caravans. Groups like ISIS and Somali terrorists who have embedded themselves just on the other side of our Southern border with Mexico and they will be unleashed to accompany terrorist members of the caravans who have broken away from the main invasion force and are seeking means to enter the country away from the traditional POE’s. Here is a report I recently filed on the Somali threat on our border

A False Flag Event To Frame the Russians

Putin and Trump, as previously stated here on the CSS, would very much like to establish a solid military alliance against the NWO. Conversely, French President Macron has repeatedly criticized both Trump and Putin for being nationalists. In fact, Macron has called for the creation of an European army to oppose Russian, China and the United States. The sides are being drawn into a future war between nationalists and globalists.

The globalists are determined and desperate to keep the US and Russia apart. This is the reason behind Mueller’s Russian-collusion-delusion. It is the reason that underlies Macron’s call for a European army.

In yesterday’s article I detailed how fake Independent Media journalists are being embedded into the IM to deceive and mislead the public. Fake reports of Russian tanks are also designed to keep Russia and the US from uniting against the globalists. Now, as Paul Martin has reported, we see Russian weapons being pre-deployed presumably for use by terrorist border jumpers. Can there be any other conclusion than the Russians are going to get framed for terror attacks on American soil, thus furthering the goal of keeping Putin and Trump apart.

Does Trump know about this? Yes he does. And he has taken steps to stop these interlopers who have broken away from the main caravans to cross in force as an invading army. However, the CSS has learned that Trump has two devastating weapons waiting for them when they cross. That will be the topic of the next installment of the CSS.

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