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Wednesday, November 21, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 21st, 2018

Nancy Pelosi is going to be the next Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi is only 2 beats away from the Presidency and the complete liberal control of the government. Events are moving quickly to ensure that there will be a complete regime change before the next election. Why the urgency? Trump must be stopped. Please consider the following from the AP as originally reported in the New York Times:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump told his counsel’s office last spring that he wanted to prosecute political adversaries Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey, an idea that prompted White House lawyers to prepare a memo warning of consequences ranging up to possible impeachment, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Then-counsel Don McGahn told the president he had no authority to order such a prosecution, and he had White House lawyers prepare the memo arguing against such a move, The Associated Press confirmed with a person familiar with the matter. McGahn said that Trump could request such a probe but that even asking could lead to accusations of abuse of power, the newspaper said….

There are a couple of items of note in this passage. First, it is disturbing that Hillary can still walk free even though her 33,000 crimes (emails) are undisputed and political persecution is her shield against prosecution. Second, the flipping of Rosenstein signals a new strategy that Trump is going to employ to get at Clinton et al. Third, Nancy Pelosi’s apparent ascension to the Speaker of the House is apparently part of the plot to stop Trump from going after key members of the Deep state (eg Clinton, Comey, etc.). Fourth, Putin and Trump must be kept apart diplomatically. The globalists must have their war of planetary unification and that means that Russia and the US must fight a war. Deep State prosecutions and an alliance with Russia would put an abrupt end to this plot. Along these lines, the CSS has learned from more than one insider source that President Trump has established a back channel set of communications with Putin and these communications are the only reason why the two nations have not already gone to war, despite the best efforts of the Deep State and their globalist masters to do so. There was a recent secret conference held between John Bolton, Mike Pence and Putin. This sent shock waves through the ranks of the globalists.

The globalists are pursuing a course of action that will remove Trump from power. However, they no longer want Pence to assume the reigns of the Presidency as was the original plan. That means that Pence is in real trouble as well. Why? Because after Trump and Pence who is next inline for the Presidency? A would-be President Pelosi holds the key to the Deep State completely taking over the government. Some are saying that Pelosi has not even secured the position of Speaker of the House, yet. Well, that all just changed. Pelosi’s main competition, Representative Fudge from Ohio (D), suddenly and mysteriously dropped out of contention for the coveted position of Speaker.

From the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic Rep. Marcia Fudge, the top potential rival to Nancy Pelosi for House speaker, dropped out of the running Tuesday, delivering a blow to efforts to topple the California Democrat.

Fudge announced her decision just as Pelosi said she was naming the Ohio congresswoman as incoming chair of a newly revived elections subcommittee that will delve into voting rights access, a top priority of the new Democratic majority…

The path has been set to pursue action against Trump AND Pence and pave the way for President Pelosi to lead us down what would have been the Hillary Clinton path of World War III, political purges and World War III.

The Order of Succession

Before going forward with these stunning revelations, it is important to establish the order of succession to the Presidency should Trump be rendered unfit to serve in the capacity of President. The means of succession could take a number of forms. The President could be resign, be assassinated, or impeached and convicted.

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