Wildfires Worldwide Unlike Ever Before – Dane Wigington…”They are hiding the severity of the climate to keep the population from panicking because the situation is so severe”…(Must Listen!!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Greg Hunter
November 21, 2018

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says out of control wildfires are not just in California, but a global phenomenon and unlike ever before. Wigington explains, “Let’s look at the facts. This summer we had a state of emergency in British Columbia with nearly 600 wildfires. We had similar circumstances in Alaska, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Siberia. When you look at these massive fires in California, like the car fire over the summer or the campfire that just happened, the car fire 240,000 acres burned. In the campfire, 140,000 acres burned. Siberia, in recent years, has lost a hundred million acres, and nobody reports on that. So, we are losing forests all over the globe at an unbelievable rate.”What’s to blame for the massive amount of wildfires? Wigington says it is caused by geoengineering or climate engineering, which is basically spraying the skies with metal particles to reflect the sun in order to cool the planet. Wigington says, “The single biggest factor that has set the stage for these wildfires is climate engineering.”

Wigington contends the conditions for wildfires are being intensified on purpose because the smoke from massive global wildfires blocks the sun and temporarily cools the planet. Wigington says, “Wildfire smoke in northern latitude forests has specifically been named in a manner that would consider them to have a desirable effect on the Arctic. What we can also say about the fires’ intensity and conditions that has allowed these fires to do what they have done are absolutely the result of climate engineering. That is without question. . . . The reason these areas are so dried out is a direct result of climate engineering. . . . Otherwise, we would have more rain on a warming planet. Statistically, we would have 7% more moisture in the atmosphere for every degree of sea warming.”

All the climate engineering, commonly called chemtrails, is making unnatural swings in temperatures, says Wigington, and he goes on to point out, “These events are absolutely not natural and not reflective of the entire global picture. Last week, we had snow falling in Louisiana . . . on the same day at midnight in Eagle Lake, Alaska, it was 45 degrees at midnight near the Arctic Circle. The official purpose of climate engineering is to mitigate a warming planet, but we know, statistically speaking, that climate engineering in exchange for toxic cool-downs . . . it actually further fuels the overall warming of the planet.”

Don’t expect to get the truth from the government or the mainstream media (MSM) that climate engineering is dangerous to humanity, let alone even going on, because Wigington says, “Right now, there is an official illegal federal gag order on all of the National Weather Service and NOAA. If all of the consequences of climate engineering were considered, it is mathematically the single greatest threat we collectively face short of nuclear cataclysm. If we don’t address these issues, it effects every breath we take and the entire web of life, we are on an extraordinary short time horizon. . . . Climate engineering is not about the greater good. It is about keeping business as usual and keeping power in the hands of people who already hold it. It’s about confusing and dividing the population about the true state of the climate until the last possible moment. . . . They are hiding the severity of the climate to keep the population from panicking because the situation is so severe. . . . Here in the U.S., we are importing about $41 billion worth of food annually to keep the U.S. store shelves stocked to keep Americans pacified and clueless as to what is happening around the world until the last possible moment. It is that severe.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington, founder of GeoEngineeringWatch.org.

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