The ‘Soft’ but Real UN World Government Plan

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
By Paul Martin

By E. Jeffrey Ludwig
November 21, 2018

After World War II ended, a group of individuals met under the auspices of the United World Federalists (UWF) in Montreux, Switzerland to draft a comprehensive plan for a world government. They stated unequivocally that they considered the United Nations “powerless … to stop the drift of war.” They believed that the establishment of a world federal government would be the only way to bring peace to our world. And many of that number believed that eventually, their six principles could and would be incorporated into the United Nations, which could morph into such a government. The UWF specifically determined to mobilize the peoples of the world “to transform the United Nations Organization into world federal government by increasing its authority and resources, and by amending its Charter.”

The UWF projected a three-branch government, the same as that proposed by Charles-Louis de Montesquieu in the 18th century – legislative, judicial, and executive – the same as implemented by the USA in its constitution. However, their three branches would be supranational and would be over the three branches of the USA, just as our federal government in various areas is over the three branches found in our states. The Montreux statement affirmed the “limitation of national sovereignty.”

Too much goes unsaid in the Montreux statement. For example, it states that that its drafters have an executive branch, but they do not state how their “executive” is elected. There is no mention of a worldwide electoral college. Nor, at the other end of the spectrum, do they state that they hope to induct a dictator into that office. Likewise, there is no format suggested for electing the legislative branch. The world federalism principle supersedes the national self-government principle, but the three branches are retained as a sop to America. It’s the “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” gambit. Thus, our world government accepts you at the same time as it dominates you.

Principle 4 of the drafters’ vision is truly radical. Under this principle, a worldwide armed force would be established “guaranteeing the security of the world federal government and of its member states.” The weasel word is “guaranteeing.” The militaries of the member-nations would be eliminated, and they would be able to meet only “the level of their internal policing requirements.” What then would prevent “guaranteeing” from morphing into “oppressing,” “suppressing,” or “enslaving”? A world monopoly of force would produce a worldwide Leviathan that would make even Thomas Hobbes tremble. It might be a power greater than that of the Roman Imperium or of the vaunted dictatorships of the proletariat implemented by Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.

Principle 6 shows clearly that a world government must have the ability to raise revenue to meet its expenses, and those revenues must be independent of the revenues raised by individual nation-states governed. This principle gives “power to raise … revenues” to this world government entity. The student of history will immediately associate the assumption of this “power” with the exclusive military power depicted in Principle 4.

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