The Red Dawn Destruction of America Has Begun- Is AMLO a Friend of Foe?

Sunday, November 18, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 18th, 2018

The situation that is taking place south of our border is so dangerous and so fluid, that I literally do not have the time to speak in depth to all my sources. Literally, I am being besieged by DHS, ARSOF, the FBI and people whose agency affiliations I am not allowed to mention so as to not compromise a source. I literally could be gathering intelligence 24/7. Some of the people who work in these positions have a collective concern bordering on high levels of anxiety and even desperation. Even those insider sources who are able to maintain their perspective, recognize that the battle for America is shaping up. From my perspective, the election of Trump sped up the globalist plans and their operational leaders (eg Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, et al) are showing a level of desperation as well. The globalists were on the edge of total victory and then Trump was elected and enough people are waking up and now the globalists have a major citizen management problem and it is spreading to other parts of the world. If the current political climate was a sporting event, we would say that the home team (you and me) rallied from a 20 point deficit in the 4th quarter and now we are playing in the first overtime. If this political climate were a ship, we would say that the globalist ship taking on major water and now it is experiencing new leaks in several compartments in other parts of the ship. Regardless of the working metaphor, the globalists are in an absolute state of panic and there panic is going to be followed with extreme actions.

Red Dawn Moves From Hollywood to Reality

This is a first in a series of articles which will define the multidimensional nature of the threat that exists with regard to American sovereignty in relation to what is most often referred to as the Red Dawn invasion of the United States.

I have intently and frequently written about this Red Dawn possibility for over four years and finally, people are starting to pay attention. I have detailed the genesis of the event, the alliances, which are very complicated, and the method of attacks which will be perpetrated upon our people. My entry point into this topic occurred when it was PUBLICLY announced that there were Russian troops on American soil, in 2011, for the first time in American history. I am going to cover the genesis of Red Dawn in another part of this series, but to satisfy newcomers curiosity here is a photo that was taken at Ft. Carson, in 2012 in which American soldiers were ‘forced’ to entertain their Russian counterparts. As footnote, the American people should have emptied out into the street and stopped the treason of Obama for letting this happen.

There was another key time when I knew that the Russians would one-day be combining with the Chinese to attack America. I made this discovery during the Cliven Bundy standoff a couple of short years after the emergence of the Russian presence on American soil. Harry Reid’s son was paid over $5 million to help place solar energy farms on BLM or government trust land. if you are wondering, you would be correct in assuming that the Clintons’ and Uranium One, which sold highly enriched uranium to the Russians were a part of this. The Clintons were involved up to their eyeballs. These companies were front groups for the Chinese military. As I documented in three previous articles, these solar farms were located adjacent to an interstate highway and adjacent to an American Air Force base that could be used to repel an invading force crossing our southern border. This was the Chinese check and balance on America’s superiority in the air during a Red Dawn invasion. Very few wanted to pay attention when this was this first written. Well, America is now singing another tune. Finally, people are talking about Red Dawn. However, most of what is being printed at the moment is incomplete or just flat wrong.

Mexican Involvement Is the Key to a Successful Red Dawn

Ask yourself a question America. If you had warring neighbors on either side of you. Would you allow one of these neighbors to run through your backyard, endanger your children and pets, while some of these people were also going through your house, while taking your resources on the way to fight your neighbor? Would you mount a defense? Would you defend the integrity of your property? Of course you would. Then why aren’t the Mexicans doing the same thing? Oh, some of the Mexicans are as they are expelling the caravan from Tijuana. To most Mexicans, America is not their enemy. And to most Mexicans, they are not willing to be used as pawns in an international struggle that they know a lot more about than the American people, most of whom literally know nothing about the threat they face. But the Mexican government and the Mexican people are not on board with unwanted immigrants and drug cartels. The people of Mexico are suffering but it is because of their corrupt, globalist-serving Mexican government.

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