Growth Rate of US Dollar Gone Vertical – Rob Kirby…”as the gold price skyrockets, the buying power of the U.S. dollar will implode.”

Sunday, November 18, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Greg Hunter
November 18, 2018

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby has one burning question for the U.S. Treasury selling record amounts of debt to finance the federal government. Kirby asks, “The question is . . . and more and more people are asking, with the traditional financiers absent from the game, so they are not buying the new debt . . . The question is who is buying it? The only credible answer is the debt is being monetized. This $21 trillion . . . in “missing money” . . . is being mobilized to monetize the debt. It’s memory holed, but this is not a game that can go on forever. This is not a sustainable practice.”

This may be a good reason why the Bank of England is not giving Venezuela’s gold back after it asked for it. It is also holding on tightly to Australia’s gold. Is the Bank of England afraid the global debt balloon is going to pop soon? Kirby contends, “This balloon will pop, and at some point in time, the price of gold is going to go bananas up. This will happen as sure as there will be wild fires again in California.”

Kirby says as the gold price skyrockets, the buying power of the U.S. dollar will implode. Kirby explains, “The growth rate of the current world reserve currency, the fiat U.S. dollar, is in a phase where its growth is vertical. It must remain vertical, and the minute it stops going vertical, it collapses onto itself, and that likely means a hyperinflation event. It means the currency goes to a zero value. All fiat currencies return to their true intrinsic value, which is zero. Fiat currencies throughout history have all shared that one common trait. They all return to their true intrinsic value, and the U.S dollar will be no different than the hundreds of other fiat currencies before it.”

Kirby also arranges the purchase of gold by the ton for wealthy clients. What has been happening in his world? Kirby says, “In the last three or four months, I would share with you that the urge for very serious money to get out of fiat and into physical metal has been unprecedented. We are talking many, many, many billions of dollars worth of fiat money looking to get converted into physical metal. The lineup of billions of dollars to get into physical metal is astoundingly large.”

If you think this all sounds crazy, well it is, and the financial elites know it. Kirby says, “When the financial elites are dealing with hopeless situations, they will make decisions that they know are absolutely foolhardy, have no merit and no prospects for success long term. They will push the mantra that if we can prevent the collapse from happening today and buy another day, or buy another week, or buy another month, then it’s worth doing. They avoid anarchy and basically they avoid meeting their end, and they avoid being hung. What this is really all about is treason has been committed at the very highest levels by financial elites and the people in control of the financial apparatus. In America, the people controlling the financial apparatus are the Deep State, and we know that Trump is anti-Deep State.”

In closing, Kirby says, “Why has this gone on so long? Most people are dumbfounded it (a crash) did not happen 10 to 15 years ago. The reason it hasn’t happened? . . . . The explanation is these jokers have created so much more money than anyone can wrap their head around. The money was created because we are on the vertical part of the growth curve of the dollar. This money has to be continually fed into the system or the whole thing blows up.”

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