Three Reasons Why Pelosi and Her Criminally Complicit Democrats Are Freaking Out Over the Whitaker Appointment

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 13th, 2018

The Democrats are absolutely freaking out over the appointment of Matt Whitaker as the new acting Attorney General of the United States. There are a chorus of Democratic politicians and their mouthpiece media that are demanding that Whitaker immediately recuse himself from any oversight of Mueller.

There are three major reasons why criminally complicit Democrats and the Deep State, as a whole, are in a state of absolute panic over the appointment of Matt Whitaker. Pelosi called Whitaker’s appointment “a violent act against the Constitution”. That is not the reason why this appointment is causing so much anxiety.

The three reasons why this move is creating panic:

1.Whitaker is predisposed to fire Mueller over the phony Russian investigation based on previously expressed opinions
2.Whitaker believes that Hillary should have been prosecuted over the national security violations connected to the emails.
3.Deputy AG Rosenstein and his Deep-State wife, Lisa Barsoomian, have presumably been compromised and can open Pandora’s box with regard to nefarious Deep State activities.

The following documentation supports these three positions.

Whitaker Believed That Clinton Should Have Been Charged with 33,000 National Security Violations

Whitaker was very straightforward in his belief, through a series of published opinions, that Comey’s decision to not charge Hillary Clinton for her gross violations of the handling of the classified materials (emails) during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of State.

Generally, the improper handling of the classified emails could have contained a 5 year sentence per occurrence.

Perhaps the most important fallout of Whitaker’s appointment and his predisposed beliefs about Clinton’s guilt, would be the danger that it poses to the continued freedom of Robert Mueller. I am not just talking about disbanding this fake investigation of Trump and the Russians, I am talking directly to the guilt of Mueller as he was the first to deliver highly enriched uranium to the Russians and this is documented from both sides of the Atlantic. The exposure of this event which would clearly ensnare not only Clinton, but Mueller as well, and this would create a gigantic sink hole for many who have performed similar duties on behalf of the treasonous Deep State. Jeff Sessions did not have the intestinal fortitude to follow through on what should have been done to both Clinton and Mueller. However, Whitaker appears to have what it takes to carry out the mandates of his office.

So what would Whitaker have access to that Sessions probably did and refused to act upon it? On July 30, 2017, The Common Sense Show published a pair of documents, one Russian and one American, which clearly proved that Robert Mueller delivered highly enriched uranium, on behalf of Hillary Clinton, to the Russians. If the new interim AG, Matt Whitaker, does not have these documents, I would be happy to provide them to his office. The referenced information is now going on 18 months old and no Democrat has successfully challenged the veracity of the evidence. Even the NY Times was instrumental in exposing a portion of this crime (see previous citation). The smoking gun documentation comes from a State Department memo which helps, in part, which Hillary moved classified material to her private server in order to hide her treason over Uranium one. If Dave Hodges has access to this damning evidence, then so would Whitaker and so would have the compromised accomplice after the fact Jeff Sessions.

State Department Memo

The Rest…HERE

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