How Do Democrats Look Their Children In Eye With a Clear Consicence?…(What A Day!!)

Saturday, November 10, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 10th, 2018

As a precursor to what is going to be discussed in this article, I have a few questions for my fellow human beings who happen to support the Democratic Party. As an aside, I am compelled to state that I am no lover of the Republicans, in fact it is fair to say that I hate political organizations in general. The major problem that I have with the Democrats and Republicans is that they put party over country, party over families, party over morality and party over God. However, and in particular, there is one party where abject and uncompromising evil resides in America today and it is in the Democratic Party.

How Can Democrats Look Their Children In the Eye?

I am directing this comment at you, Democratic supporters. There is no doubt that some of you have children and I found myself frequently wondering how any moral and sane person could ever support the Democratic Party and then subsequently look their children in the eye and tell them you expect them to do the right thing and be a good person. From a spiritual perspective, Satan controls the direction of the Democratic Party. Democrats who are parents, perhaps you should try a little honesty and when your children are old enough to understand perhaps you should explain how you can support people like Pelosi, Clinton, Wasserman Schultz, Sinema, Warren, Schumer, Jackson-Lee, Franken, et al?

This is the party that has advocated for the murder of over 60 million babies and how some of the more radical fringe of the Democratic Party are openly supporting the murder of handicapped children AFTER they are born. And you wonder if the radical fringes, like the man who started Obama’s political career (ie Bill Ayers) would ever make good on their promises to bring genocide to our country?

The Clinton crime syndicate has created a trail of bodies longer than the line trying to get into the 2019 Super Bowl.

The Democratic Party has become synonymous with terrorism. I have documented on this site how Hillary was on the Board of Directors of Lafarge when they provided ISIS with the money they needed to grow their terrorist organization. Kyrsten Sinema thinks it was ok that American citizens went and fought for the Taliban following 911. Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization which starts riots, perpetrates violence against American citizens as they are the modern day Brown Shirts. No doubt you heard that Antifa surrounded the house of Fox News commentator, Tucker Carlson, and scared the daylights out of his wife. This is pure thuggery. Democrats, how do you justify these actions to your children?

We know that Democratic Party smuggles illegal aliens into the country in order to vote multiple times in multiple locations. So, Democrats, when your children get caught cheating on their math exam, simply pat them on the head and tell them you have taught them well.

Today, ever voter recount is favoring the Democrats. How does that happen? Late last night, despite being very under the weather, I was so outraged that I felt compelled to make a short video which briefly details the long voter and election fraud history of Maricopa County.

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