The twisted, Orwellian language of gender identity propagandists

Friday, November 9, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Vicki Batts
Friday, November 09, 2018

Gender identity politics are the new black, at least for the increasingly radical left. Daring to “misgender” someone is practically a hanging offense, and studies show that the number of young people who identify as “trans” is on the rise. But what the mainstream media won’t tell you is that the number of people who regret undergoing “gender confirmation” surgery is rising, too. Nor will the Left ever admit that their shifty, Orwellian dialogue on the subject of gender is part of the problem. The twisted language being used by gender identity propagandists is a tool intended to subvert the notion of gender entirely.

Language is a powerful, yet under-recognized, tool in the game of politics and government. It’s simple: By controlling the words people use to talk about gender identity, propagandists ultimately gain control of the narrative — and further, are able to influence the way people think and feel about gender identity. George Orwell illustrated the power of language in 1984, a dystopian fiction novel about an authoritarian regime that uses linguistic manipulation to further its agenda.

From 1984:

“The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink”

Orwell, famously, was a left-winger himself — and it is truly ironic that the modern Left is using the concept of doublethink as inspiration for their game of political chess. Orwell was keenly aware of the fact that language plays a substantial role in our thoughts and opinions.

Unraveling the linguistic tools of “gender identity”

“Gender identity” ultimately assumes that gender is nothing more than a social construct, and that a person, regardless of their biological sex, can “choose” to be a different gender, or to have no gender at all.

The use of the term “gender identity” in and of itself implies that one’s “identity” can differ from their biological sex. Phrases like “assigned gender at birth” and “gender confirmation surgery” further this belief. Whether we realize it or not, these terms are increasingly being used to condition society into acceptance. Specifically, accepting the idea that gender is negotiable, or even “fake.”

Gender Spectrum claims that most children have a solid understanding of their “gender identity” by age four. It’d be impressive if a four-year-old could even spell gender identity, let alone understand the concept.

For the record, studies show that between 80 and 95 percent of “trans” kids will go on to accept their biological gender as they get older.

As The Cut reports:

Researchers don’t know why that is, but it appears that in some kids, nascent homo- or bisexuality manifests itself as gender dysphoria. In others, gender dysphoria can arise as a result of some sort of trauma or other unresolved psychological issue, and goes away either with time or counseling.

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