Preparations for War & Collapse: Gauging Possibility and Probability, and Making Preparations

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
By Paul Martin

Jeremiah Johnson
November 5th, 2018

Many times comments have been written about how the site should be tailored more toward subjects entailing preparing and survival. Indeed, all of the Independent Media is “guilty” of reporting news and current events…political matters, politicians, what they said, what they did, ad infinitum. At times it may seem almost a “tabloid,” and may seem to bear no focus upon survival subjects, prepping, and so forth.

That is the furthest thing from the truth.

From the micro-anthropological standpoint, man is (most of the time) very little better than an ape: he kills, steals, eats, lies…will rip his neighbor to shreds or denounce him to pursue his own agenda. There is a conflict in every human heart, and no human being is beyond the ability to follow such behaviors [as Val Kilmer’s “Doc Holliday” termed them] outlined: “very cosmopolitan,” so to speak.

This concept is important to understand, because the same organisms as you and I…that sweat, eat, and lust after money, property, sex, and power…these same hunter-gatherer-killers…have their fingers or lips close to mechanisms that launch nuclear weapons and send out troops to die.

All masking the true reasons for the “crusade,” that fall under one of the aforementioned categories, or others. Such as a diplomatic consular outpost of the United States and its ambassador and staff coming under attack with no response, no reprisal. This is why it is critical to watch the news and see what these (mis)representatives of the world’s governments are doing and saying. Sift it for the relevant facts, and we step into the next points: predictive probabilities and possibilities.

We have a midterm election coming up in just a few days. This midterm election can go either way: Republicans hold the Houses of Congress, or the Democrats take even one of them. In the latter case, the President becomes a paper tiger for the rest of the term…and then must use Executive Orders to pass anything he needs. I wrote about this before the election of 2016, and after the President was inaugurated. I also wrote that the election on November 2 will chart the course for the remaining two years for him. One of those years is shot, as he will have to campaign, probably against Hillary Clinton. Just the very idea is the second most boring and redundant thing for any voter…right up there with seeing “Ron Paul for President” bumper stickers.

As most of the readers here have pointed out (correctly, I might add), preparatory functions such as gathering supplies, and training are functions that are continuous. Never mind the politicos: there are natural disasters, such as flood, fire, earthquakes, and hurricanes to prepare for. The point to be stressed here is you can take the human element of the politicos…weigh what is happening around them and in the world…and see how they line up the chess pieces before it happens.

Probability assessments involve gauging the percent chance that something will happen: civil war/rioting, racial discord (already at an all-time high), and internal collapse. It falls in line with a deliberate decision-making matrix, but where you list all of the variables. Take the figurehead/the “one man/Messianic” model we follow. You can see the amount of consternation and trouble being “stirred up” and gauge this as to whether or not the leader will do something to take the public mind (for what it is) and distract it from what is actually occurring.

Bush Jr. did this with the invasion of Iraq in ‘03, throwing people into a “Stay the Course!” mentality…plus a little help from John Edwards…to defeat Kerry/Mr. Heinz. Now we have a “caravan of love” heading toward the United States. In addition to the 5,000 troops being sent there and what appears to be solidarity between the President, the DHS, and the military to keep them out, be aware: there have been movements of artillery pieces and armored vehicles to the border as well. Go onto Hal Turner’s site for film and photos of this.

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