‘We’re Entering New Phase of Warfare in World’ – Ex-FBI Agent

Sunday, November 4, 2018
By Paul Martin


The Pentagon has prepared to attack Russia in cyberspace if it directly interferes with the upcoming midterm elections in the United States, a report from the Center for Public Integrity, citing sources among senior officials, has it. Mark Rossini, a former FBI Special Agent, has given his take on the report.

Sputnik: Let’s take a look at how much truth there is in these reports that the Pentagon has this plan of attacking Russian networks in the case of direct interference in the election. Is there any truth in it? Is it more a rhetoric ahead of the midterms? What’s your opinion?

Mark Rossini: You know, it’s funny, I cannot confirm or deny the validity of it; my curiosity, quite frankly, is what exactly would they be attacking if they were allowed, let’s say, to retaliate? Does that mean that the Pentagon would be trying to dismantle or disable some sort of military network in Russia or the electrical grid?

I’m just curious as to what it would be striking back against. We are entering a new phase of warfare in the world, where, you know, bombs and bullets are not really going to be the methodology of the future, but more waging a war, if you will, to attack the infrastructure of an opposing nation or perhaps its financial system or banking system.

That’s going to be the wave. But again, I do not know the validity of this report, but I would have to say that there has to be some truth to it, for it to be out there. Having been in Washington for many, many years, being involved in these discussions in this level, it’s in the press for a certain reason, and I don’t think it has to do with a Republican or Democratic agenda; it’s just the reality that the government feels that their action would be wanted if such interference took place by Russia.

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