The Cold War At the Border Is Turning Hot- America Is Now At War!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
October 30th, 2018

Here they come. Meet the invited guests of the Democratic Party. ISIS has entered the United States in force. The border cold war just turned hot!

Just how big, just how ominous and just how dangerous are the caravans making their way to America? The answer is not what most Americans, save the liberal Democrats want to hear. To provide the readers with an idea of just how menacing this invasion force is, consider the following from DML News:

Concerned American citizens have voiced both concern and doubt that President Trump will be able to stop the caravan as well, and some appear to be prepared to take matters into their own hands.

A Facebook post by a retired police detective in Ohio, Robert Surgenor, was brought to the attention of DML News on Tuesday

Surgenor writes that he has very close friends in Texas, along with two of his sons who live there, and has received reports that “there is going to be a war on the southern border of our nation.”

“Texans are planning. This isn’t just talk. The military isn’t the only group that is going to organize near the border. Texans with guns. The immigrants should be more afraid of them than of the military,” Surgenor wrote.

Through no fault of his own, Trump is losing control of the narrative on both sides of the border. Paul Begley is reporting that the caravan has grown in excess of 50,000. If these Texans use deadly force, and if they confront the force, they undoubtedly will be forced to use deadly force because the MS-13 and ISIS members of this group will undoubtedly embrace the idea of a physical confrontation.

I have information which dwarfs this estimate. In a pair of separate conversations between The Common Sense Show and members of the FBI and DHS, the potential numbers of people that could be sent North is staggering. My DHS contact said that they expect that over time, Soros and his friends could be responsible for sending as many as 160 million invaders TO THE NORTH. It is the belief of these agencies that Soros in concert with the Bank of International Settlements,with funding laundered through HSBC Bank by the Clinton Foundation, along with the Communist Chinese, yes, the Communist Chinese, will funnel unlimited resources to fund a never-ending wave of immigrants accompanied by terrorists which will invade the US. Immigration will be used as a battering ram to knock down the last vestiges of the territorial integrity of the United States.

The Common Sense Show was further told that these anti-American forces have a vested interest in the first encounters between the coming invaders and US authorities to be as violent as possible so as to garner sympathetic support from the world community which would give them the high ground. Further, it was revealed that there is a suspicion among US authorities that the terrorists accompanying the caravan have been given instructions to carry out a false flag event as the caravan nears the border. The suspicion lies in the fact that they believe that ISIS will engage border and military authorities. In the chaos, the caravan terrorists will murder several women and children and blame it on US authorities. Impeachment of the President is a possible outcome.

Unfortunately for America, there is a lot of support for the reports from deep-cover, unnamed sources discussed in this article for the assertion made above.

President Trump’s Lose-Lose Trap

President Trump is caught in the proverbial lose-lose trap. No matter what direction the President turns, he is inadvertently constructing a Red Dawn invasion force which will eventually come north with the force of a formidable army that will be very difficult to repulse and this will be the unquestionable unintended outcome of any proactive measure taken by Trump and the US government.

Why Trump Cannot Use Real Force at the Border to Repel the Invasion

The reality is that the President CANNOT use real force to repel the successive waves of illegal immigrants. First of all, these caravans are BRAVELY placing women and children at the front the of the line so as to deter even the use of non-lethal force. When CNN transmits the first images of the use of non-lethal, but very painful and injurious technology used to disperse crowds and this information goes viral on a globalist scale (eg rubber bullets, LRAD technology, tear gas etc.), the world media apparatus will destroy President Trump just in time for the resurgence of the blue wave and the midterm elections.

Another problem confronting the looming showdown at the border has to do with the President’s promise to cut off funding and aid to any country that is actively assisting the present series of invasion forces headed to the American border.

China Is Leveraging Central America Into Providing a Formidable Red Dawn Invasion Force

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