Surveillance, Economic Turmoil, and Chaos Among All Nations

Monday, October 29, 2018
By Paul Martin

Jeremiah Johnson
October 29th, 2018

The actions that are taken are a three-pronged attack in order to foster in global governance, and they are as such:

1.Create ubiquitous electronic surveillance with unlimited police power
2.Throw the entire earth into an economic tailspin
3.Destroy all nationalism, national borders, and create chaos among all nations prior to an “incendiary event” or series of actions that leads to a world war.

The world war is the most important part of it all, in the eyes of the globalists. The Great Depression culminated in a world war, and periods of economic upheaval are always followed by wars. The war is most needed by the globalists because they need to rid the world of about 7 billion people. This is why such experimentation as you see progresses: infecting vectors such as mosquitoes with viruses that are almost immune to antibiotics, the unearthing of ancient viruses in the permafrost and frozen areas of the Arctic, and the insect-sized drones and smaller nanobots touted to bring a cure but in reality capable of delivering disease.

You are seeing the destruction of the nationalism that exists in Europe: globalists such as Merkel are destroying their own countries from within by introducing hostile and ethnically (as well as religiously) diverse elements. The countries are submitting to the “World Court” based in The Hague: a court that (similar to the U.S. Supreme Court) is using its powers to circumvent the nations…the laws of the French, the Italians, the British, the Germans…all of Europe…and inculcate doctrines both globalist and Malthusian in nature.

The oligarchs of all of these nations will have a “seat at the table” to carve up what remains of the earth after they finish with a war that decimates the population, leaves a compliant few remaining who are dependent upon the oligarch-politicos’ whims for life itself, and places the wealth, power, and resources in their hands.

Sound as if it’s science fiction? It is not. You want some evidence of this, look no further than China: the testing ground for the electronic surveillance state that will soon be pervasive all over the globe. In an article from 10/26/18, by France24 entitled Armed drones, iris scanners: China’s high-tech security gadgets, an exhibition in Beijing exposed these measures and more. Facial recognition to the maximum was demonstrated on the conference attendees. Smart sunglasses that sound an alarm when an enemy of the state is spotted. Iris recognition scanners, and drones that are able to respond with guns.

“Smart” homes…with every imaginable device from refrigerators to smart locks…all interacting with one another…. and of course, with Chinese “law enforcement,” the State Security agencies.

China is the “testing” ground, and their “methods” are being incorporated in the U.S.

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