Trump and Putin Are In Grave Danger…” Liberals are employing the strategies of “Voter Fraud, False Flags, Economic Collapse, Assassination and Domestic Insurrection.”

Friday, October 26, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
October 26th, 2018

Because the tenets of liberalism only appeal to the lazy, communists, satanists, thugs and the mentally ill, America will never willingly ever accept liberalism and the sacrifice of the sovereignty of the United States. Therefore, it may become necessary to cut off the head of the snake because the Globalists are in an absolute state of panic.

Blacks and Hispanics, in record numbers, are flocking to support Donald Trump and his economic policies that reward self-determination and hard work.The globalists and the liberals are losing their control over historically liberal voting blocks. The globalists see the country awakening with a renewed sense of populism and nationalism and the powers-that-be are not going to allow America to survive for much longer if its citizens continue to embrace the politics of conservatism and nationalism.

Because the liberals, who support globalism, and ultimately Satanism, cannot achieve regime change in the traditional and legitimate manner that involves following the Constitution, the liberals are going for broke. They are attempting to undermine American society at every turn. Liberals are employing the strategies of “Voter Fraud, False Flags, Economic Collapse, Assassination and Domestic Insurrection.

It is clear, because Donald Trump has not been assassinated, that this strategy of regime change is the last option for regime change on the globalist agenda. But make no mistake about it, if Trump crosses the magic line, the globalists will deal with the fallout of an assassination in order to preserve the goals of the New World Order. Let’s begin with an analysis of the most dire threat to conservative America and that would be the removal of Donald Trump from the office of the President via assassination. How do I know? History tells me so. JFK was murdered because he left the globalists with no option and Reagan was neutralized with a near-fatal bullet when he would not lay down and take direction from his Trilateral Commission dominated cabinet. Donald Trump is approaching his moment of truth as well. And as you will see, so is Putin.

America Must Be Destroyed for the New World Order to Complete Their Mission

Please allow me to play the role of “Captain Obvious” for a moment. The Globalist and their Deep State minions, most of whom reside within the squalor of Democratic Party, need to collapse America to bring about their New World Order which is spoken about in the book of Revelations. If America cannot be brought to her knees through means other than assassination, assassination will be the final Trump card (pun intended both literally and figuratively).

Based on my knowledge and understanding of history, I believe that the President’s life is in grave danger if the Deep State tactics to destabilize America and squash the politics of populism and nationalism fail. It would be a mistake to think that assassination does not lie in the future of Donald Trump if the so-called Blue Wave fizzles out.

From what is observed, it is clear that the Deep State’s last option is assassination because there would be no real way to conceal the truth no matter how many modern-day Lee Harvey Oswalds they would construct. However, if the globalists were faced with the derailment of their satanic plan to enslave the earth or risk a horrific populist-based backlash against the globalists, they will still take the risk of a backlash and take Donald Trump out. Globalism is their prime directive and they will do whatever it takes.

The Globalist Game Plan of Regime Change Prior to Assassination

Prior to assassinating the President, the globalists are intent on neutralizing America’s new-found populism through the following means:

1.Voter fraud
2.False flag attacks
3.Economic collapse
4.Domestic insurrection
5.World War III
6.Assassination of political figures, short of the President
7.The practical elimination of all borders

All of these actions are presently in play and are seemingly under the direction of George Soros and key operatives within the Democratic Party. If these events are not successful in stemming the tide of populism, then two more possibilities loom as distinct threats to the American people.

8. Chemical, biological attack

9. Nuclear detonation(s)

And of course, if all else fails, the assassination of Donald Trump.

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