Planned Collapse of the Dollar and the Federal Reserve Is Behind the Plot

Monday, October 22, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
October 22nd, 2018

First, it was the BRICS that ditched the petrodollar, the only backing the US dollar has. Now, even our former allies (e.g. Japan) are ditching the dollar, and this is only the beginning.

This article will take a purposeful snapshot of the globalist forces who are conspiring to bring down the US dollar and derail the Trump-led populism that is sweeping the country.

The 3 Immediate Goals of the New World Order

If one believes in the tenants of globalism, then one must believe that all paper currencies must be destroyed. Today, all currencies on the planet are fiat, debt-ridden currencies that are under the control of the central banks, ultimately answerable to the Bank of International Settlements (ie Rothschilds’). This is true except for the American petrodollar which enjoys some backing through being, or was, the world’s reserve currency. However, the dollar has been slated for summary execution. And its executioner is the Federal Reserve! Trump has given America a temporary respite, but he cannot overturn the global system of banking.

Further, if one believes in globalism, then one believes that the globalists have three major immediate goals as expressed in writing by many of their members.

1.Reduction of the global population by 90% (eg Ted Turner the founder of CNN stated in 1997 in Audubon Magazine).
2.One World Government! This is being fully expressed by the 600 million UN-sponsored immigrants that are overrunning the top seven Western nations.
3.The collapse of all central bank currencies in favor of replacing national currencies with the “worldo” (for lack of a better term). In order the bring about a global currency, the United States dollar must be destroyed. And at the center of this plot is the Federal Reserve. Why would the Federal Reserve agree to destroy their own creation? The answer is simple, they will have a larger role in global currency wealth and decision making in the new global system.

The planned collapse of the American economy, through the destruction of the dollar, begins and ends with the Federal Reserve. However, they have some very good support mechanisms in place which we will first examine. These support mechanisms, their allies, are the BRICS who have already aligned against the American petrodollar. Yes, I am saying right here, the Federal Reserve is not opposed to the BRICS. The conflict is a facade as they are both working to destroy the dollar. The Federal Reserve and elite bankers are merely using the BRICS to help bring down the value by lessening the value of the Petrodollars. And just like Hitler’s brown shirts, the BRICS will be destroyed in the coming global war which will be waged against all national currencies and any population expressing a desire to join Trump’s growing brand of international populism, sovereignty and national determinism.

The BRICS Add to Their Anti-American Petrodollar Allies

Sputnik News recently reported that China sold off $3 billion in US dollar bonds. In recent months, Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, Iran and Iraq have all ditched the dollar in bilateral trade with each other. Being that Japan is a such a close ally of the US, their sudden move to ditch the dollar came as a surprise to most. Also, the EU ended its use of the dollar when trading with Iran in order to circumvent US sanctions.

It is generally believed that Venezuela’s move to Euros, versus the dollar, won’t have an immediate and significant impact on the US economy, the move is symbolic of the world turning on the US because of Trump’s aggressive economic policies. Previously, the US sacrificed the welfare of its own American workers in favor of free trade agreements which President Trump has abandoned in favor of keeping American manufacturing at home inside the United States. The result has been a job growth and personal income gains. However, our foreign counterparts are angry that we have stopped supporting their failing economies and the world is involved in a plot to destroy the US economy.

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