‘Muslim and Hispanic immigration is cultural suicide’: Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King reveals his white nationalist views in shocking interview with Austrian far-right propaganda site…(Not Far Right!! It’s Survival!!)

Saturday, October 20, 2018
By Paul Martin

Republican Rep. Steve King was interviewed by Austrian site Unzensuriert
He spoke with the far-right propaganda site in August on immigration, Mollie Tibbets, and conserving ‘Western civilization’
King laid out his white nationalist views like never before in interview
He said: ‘The individual who murdered Mollie Tibbetts should have never been in America’
He called immigration into the U.S. ‘slow-motion cultural suicide’
He’s been linked to Neo-Nazism and white nationalism before
On Wednesday he endorsed Toronto’s mayoral candidate Faith Goldy, who is connected to white nationalism

20 October 2018

Iowa Republican Representative Steve King has revealed his white nationalist views in an interview with an Austrian far-right publication.

King, an eight-term congressman up for re-election next month, has been linked to Neo-Nazism and the far-right before, but he laid out his extremely conservative views like never before in an interview with far-right propaganda website Unzensuriert, which translates to ‘uncensored’ in English.

He was interviewed when he stopped in Vienna in August and candidly called for stricter immigration policies, said Mollie Tibbett’s killer should have never been in the U.S., and claims Democrats are teaming up with radical Islamists to attack ‘Western civilization’.

He was interviewed by Caroline Sommerfeld, an intellectual in the European neo-fascist identititarian movement which is connected to the U.S.’s alt-right, to discuss how Muslim and Latino immigrants threaten the U.S. and Europe.

The interview was published in September and went unnoticed by American news outlets until the Huffington Post flagged it.

In the interview Sommerfeld asks: ‘In your opinion is Islam the problem or Western liberalism?’

King replies saying ‘it is like fighting a two front war. How is it, that the liberals, the leftists, on the one side, could build an alliance with the misogynistic hard core rightist Islamic people that have no tolerance for everything?’

‘If we don’t defend Western civilization, then we will become subjugated by the people who are the enemies of faith, the enemies of justice,’ King said.

He cited an old NBC interview where he slammed Charlie Peirce after he said the Republican convention was full of ‘old white men’.

King clapped back saying: ‘That kind of talk is a little tiresome and old, isn’t it? Can you name another subgroup that has contributed more?’

When asked ‘more than white people?’ King responded ‘More than Western civilization itself! No subgroup has contributed more to Western civilization.’

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