The Syrian War will Go Nuclear

Friday, October 19, 2018
By Paul Martin

Gordon Duff

Events that have transpired in and around Syria and the Middle East with the defeat of ISIS during the fall of 2018 clearly prove one thing. The US and Israel, and under Trump the two are inseparable, intend to push Russia and China to nuclear confrontation.

The Pentagon is fully behind this, wanting to stop Russia and China before new weapons systems are fully deployed and America’s perceived nuclear advantage is gone forever. There are other reasons as well, indicating insanity among both American and Israeli commands.

Israel has millions of Palestinian hostages while the US has, over the last two decades, built nuclear shelters in Israel for up to 250,000 Jewish citizens, shelters that include ICBM silos with missiles that can hit anywhere in Europe.

In 2009, I reviewed documentation held by Pakistan’s ISI outlining a deal between India and Israel to share stolen American ICBM technology with Israel to receive several long-range missiles capable of hitting North America or China, each with up to 10 warheads. The report showed US Army Corps of Engineers’ drawings for missile silos in Israel capable of housing ICBMs.

American author Jeff Gates sat next to me during the briefing with Pakistan’s top intelligence leaders.

Running the clock back up to October 2018, American and Israeli pilots are now in Ukraine training to defeat the S300 missile system now deployed in Syria. What is not told is that this training is why Russia just demanded that the US remove “White Helmet” personnel from Syria, it is obvious as to the reason, Russia believes the US is planning a wide attack on Damascus under the pretext of an alleged gas attack in Idlib Province.

Russia is trying to defuse a situation that has dire consequences, let me explain.

If Israel and the US choose to use “standoff” weapons to attack Syria and Russian forces inside Syria, legally inside Syria, and it is believed that this is exactly what the US and Israel plan, then retaliatory strikes are within the rules of engagement.

This includes using Russian very long-range air defenses, enhanced S400 or better, which are deployed to protect Russian forces. Potential targets include American B1/B2 heavy bombers out of Qatar, American ships in the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Persian Gulf and “coalition” aircraft firing from Eastern Syria or from Iraq or Turkey.

Similarly, Israeli planes firing from inside Israel, or from over Lebanon or the Mediterranean, might well be targeted as well as their home bases inside Israel. Missiles are deployed inside Syria, the Iskandar M system, since March 2016, capable of defeating Israel’s “Iron Dome” defense system and wiping out Israeli command posts on Syria’s Golan Heights or any air bases inside Israel.

It would also be right and proper, in accordance with the rules of war, to do so even though the consequences would be escalation. This is exactly what the United States wants.

It is confusing to many, seeing the US and the Kiev regime working so closely together against Russia, that the consensus has been that Trump is pro-Russian. One might look more closely at the time in the early 1990s when Trump was facing financial collapse.

His flagging empire of failed hotels and casinos, of partnerships with organized crime figures with long histories of human and narcotics trafficking, had reached an end. It was Russian cash, laundered into Trump’s empire, stolen Russian cash from Russia’s commercial banks, that put Trump back on his feet.

Those involved, men like Semion Mogilevich, Russian “boss of bosses” and Trump partner Felix Sater of Bayrock Group, that divided billions in stolen Soviet currency reserves with key American political figures, not just the Bush family, but banking and regulatory oversight personnel as well including two US Senators.

The “New Russia” was to be stripped bare, a “milk cow” for the criminal bosses who had gained control of Washington during the Reagan era, a plan that failed with the political rise of Vladimir Putin.

Thus, when men like Paul Manafort support Russian interests inside Ukraine, it isn’t support or friendship with Russia. When the time came, the same “Russia backers” joined quickly with Kiev, training and equipping extremist militias, backing the Odessa of May 2014 and pushing for sanctions against Russia.

Moreover, the Kiev regime has been the primary conduit for the flood of former Soviet era weapons that has gone to ISIS in Syria and Iraq and the Sarin gas, manufactured at the Lugar Lab in Tbilisi, Georgia, that has been used inside Syria.

One might also consider the recent murder of a Washington Post correspondent by members of Saudi Arabia’s security services. It is impossible to not compare this with the alleged poisoning of the now hale and healthy Skripal clan. As proof of Russian complicity or even of the event itself dissolved into the world of imagination, American sanctions moved into high gear.

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