While You Slept: The US Pentagon Declares “Russia is the Enemy”

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
By Paul Martin

Phil Butler

American foreign policy is more and more resembling the NFL’s and broadcast networks’ pre-game football hype before the Super Bowl. For those of you who grimaced while watching former President Barack Obama touchdown dancing and pretending to be a sports hero, the current POTUS is even worse. To make matters worse for humanity, many of my countrymen fall for the whole act. Case in point, hyping America’s military might and bravado.

When I read the INSIDER headline,“F-22 stealth jets got 587 enemy aircraft to back off in their first ‘combat surge’ over Syria,” I immediately checked the newswires to see if Syria had exploded into World War III. Thank God, I voiced aloud on discovering the Military & Defense section (and the rest of the magazine) are owned by Insider Inc. and our old friend Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world. No, thank your lucky stars, we are not at war with Russia, Iran, and Syria. Yes, Bezos and company consider these nations our “enemies.”

While You Slept – WWIII Began

When you read the article in question, most of you won’t believe your what the texts are telling your brain. Amazingly, another Bezos “fake news” outlet is actually citing the Pentagon when author Alex Lockiebrazenly declares open war. Yes, you got it, the Trump Pentagon openly classifies the Russians as “the enemy.” Quoting from the report from the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS):

“The 94th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron protected coalition ground forces operating within Syria by flying Defensive Counter Air missions against enemy air-to-ground capable fighter aircraft. The squadron also flew Offensive Counter Air missions deep into Syrian territory, facing both enemy fighters and surface-to-air missile systems, as the United States and Coalition forces launched deliberate attacks in response to the Syrian regime’s illegal use of chemical weapons.”

I’ll get into who these DVIDS people are in a minute, but first let me emphasize what it means for our government to brand an enemy. The Cambridge Dictionary definition:

enemy–noun: a person who hates or opposes another person and tries to harm them or stop them from doing something”

Let’s forget for the moment that the United States and Middle Eastern allies created ISIS in the first place. We also need to forget, for the moment, that Coalition air forces were flying air cover for those “moderates” arrayed against Syria’s Assad. And to grasp the Pentagon’s viewpoint here, we also need to ignore the fact it was Vladimir Putin’s forces that bombed ISIS/ISIL to smithereens, and not the coalition. Excuse my sarcasm, but Russia has been America’s “ally” in destroying the head chopping ISIS heathens – NOT her enemy.

The Billionaires Battle for Earth

Now let me return to this outfit known as DVIDS, which broadcasts blatant militarism disguised as “strategic” thought, study, and information. For your own research, visit this organization’s website and type “Putin” into the search for media. You will get the “real” policy process the deep state in America wants. Just watch one session of Michael Guillot, editor of Strategic Studies Quarterly Journal, and the “mission” becomes dreadfully clear. Short version: U.S. – Russia relations have never climbed out of the toilet. The video I linked to is of Guillot interviewing Dr. Mark J. Conversino, who’s job (now get this) is to “create warrior-scholars” for the United States Air Force. Reading his Air Force resume gives me the shivers. A mechanic supervisor who has had an ongoing academic orgasm of a career, training “warrior scholars” who blast children to bits while reciting history lessons. Good God.

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