Trump’s Last Stand Against the Communist Take Over of America…(What A Storm!)

Saturday, October 13, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
October 13th, 2018

In many ways, America is a great nation. America is an amazingly resilient nation. The attempted take down of the United States was formerly announced with the assassination of American president, John Kennedy. For 55 years, the subversive communist influences in America have been engaged in a covert operation to turn America into a communist nation. America still has fight left within her. It has proven to be a difficult nation to kill, despite the best efforts of the globalists.

January 10, 1963: A Red Letter Day In America

On January 10, 1963, the House of Representative and later the Senate began reviewing a document entitled “Communist Goals for Taking Over America, written by Cleon Skousen and it contained an agenda of 45 individual goals that shocked American representatives at the time. Today, these goals have become the mainstay of the Democratic Socialist Party with Hillary Clinton as the matriarch. In hindsight this was quite shocking back then and is equally shocking today.

I was reviewing Cleon Skousen’s list of 45 communist goals for America and some more of the notable one’s stood out. Please allow me to remind everyone that 1963 was a very dark year for America. It was the year that an American President, John F. Kennedy was murdered by the criminal elite in an action that eventually wrestled away control of the government and fully entrenched the “shadow government” that still controls the Deep State today.

I have previously referenced Trevor Louden’s stellar work in his documentary, Enemies Within, in which Louden exposed 80 Democratic members of Congress as being members of front groups for either the American Communist Party (eg Arizona Senatorial candidate Kirsten Sinema, Senator Elizabeth Warren) or the Muslim Brotherhood (eg former Senator and the disgraced Al Franken and Keith Ellison). Former representatives, McKinney and West, validated Louden’s claims. In fact, I am preparing a tell-all on Kirsten Sinema who is involved in a dead heat senate race with former F-16 combat fighter pilot, Martha McSally. I will be revealing how Sinema is being groomed and bankrolled by George Soros. I will also be revealing her blatant communist background dating back to an 2004 interview she did with’s Ernie Hancock in which her communist vision for America was laid out in stunning detail. This investigation is nearly complete and will be published in the near future.

The following paragraphs address Cleon Skousen’s publication of 1963 established communist goals for America through an examination of a few of these 45 goals for American communists like Kirsten Sinema and Elizabeth Warren.

The Communist Take Down of America

This article is intended only as an overview of the communist subversion attacks upon the United States. I have isolated just a few of the 45 goals identified by Skousen in his book, The Naked Capitalist.

4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war

To date, Donald Trump’s major accomplishment, among many, has been to eliminate most of the negative effects of the various free trade agreements that blindly permitted greedy corporations to shut down their American operations and relocate overseas for the cheap labor and then send their products, duty free, back to the US. Corporate profits soared, but unemployment went up, benefits and salary went down when adjusted for inflation. In fact, from 1993 to the Trump Presidency, Americans were working 20% longer for 20% less when adjusting for inflation. Under Donald Trump, he killed the sovereignty sucking TPP which would be totally destroyed free enterprise and representative government within the United States.

Included in the free trade agreements were “bilateral technology exchanges”. The most heinous and example of this practice was when President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, sold Silkworm missile technology to China. Some of the profits ended up in the DNC. Amazing how history keeps repeating in the Clinton family in which Hillary used the same game plan to sell uranium to the Russians in one of the most treasonous acts in American history. And these products ended up in the Clinton Foundation and was funneled back into the Presidential race in 2016.

If and when the Democrats ever return to any kind of position of power in the federal government, we will see the end of America program continue at breakneck speed and all of these economic destroyers will bring America down.

11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind

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