HELD HOSTAGE: Democrat leader commits to mass violence across America if Dems don’t win the mid-terms…”The American people had better wake up and realize they’re already in a civil war being waged by ruthless, lawless Democrats”

Thursday, October 11, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Thursday, October 11, 2018

Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton, who is reportedly running for President in 2020, has just announced that if Democrats don’t win the mid-terms by taking back the House of Representatives, they will unleash mass violence across America.

“[Hillary Clinton] says that civility can ONLY return when the Democrats take back the government,” writes Martin Armstrong from ArmstrongEconomics.com. “Clearly, this is throwing down the gauntlet that it shall be their way or no way. Hillary is effectively advocating the destruction of the United States. She has simply stated bluntly that democracy will no longer be tolerated unless the Democrats win and then subjugate the opposition.”

This despicable tactic — now openly endorsed by Hillary Clinton herself — is an attempt to hold America hostage to the violent threats of deranged, lunatic Leftists who are now led by violence-pushing mob bosses like the Clintons. By advocating this threat against America, Clinton has committed to a path of violence for America unless Democrats get their way.

This shows the bad faith demonstrated by Democrats who have now repeatedly shown they will not accept the outcome of any election unless they win that election. Similarly, any institution the Democrats do not control is attacked as being “illegitimate.” The moment Brett Kavanaugh got confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, for example, Democrats began attacking the Supreme Court as “illegitimate.”

Democrats don’t believe in democracy, it turns out. They believe only in authoritarianism and tyrannical rule.

The American people had better wake up and realize they’re already in a civil war being waged by ruthless, lawless Democrats

Most Americans continue to blindly believe that Democrats are playing by the rules. They assume that Democrats are participating in elections because they agree to the mechanism of how elections work… a kind of social contract. Civil society requires adherence to a “social contract” that says the outcomes of elections will be honored even if your favorite candidate doesn’t win.

But Democrats have abandoned that social contract, and they no longer operate in good faith. Elections have become nothing but a sham to the political Left, for if they win elections, they weaponized government against their political opponents. If they lose elections, they weaponize their obedient masses against the entire nation. Accordingly, the rest of America must recognize they are no longer dealing with fair, rational Democrats who will abide by the rules and honor the process of democracy. Instead, Democrats are threatening the nation with violence, promising civil unrest if they don’t win back political power at the next election.

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3 Responses to “HELD HOSTAGE: Democrat leader commits to mass violence across America if Dems don’t win the mid-terms…”The American people had better wake up and realize they’re already in a civil war being waged by ruthless, lawless Democrats””

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    You news hobbyists better wake up and realize (((THEY))) have so flooded America with 3rd world darkies that it’s unsavable as a whole. Focus on restructuring into a few “Republics,” and we can have our nation back via an enlarged Confederate States. Sure … you could fantasize about saving America as a whole. Do you think we could, ( within 3 to 4 years tops, ) deport 40 + million 3rd worlders then import 20 + million whites from Europe and South Africa ? If you answered yes, then let’s save America as a whole. If you know that would never pass our corrupt hijacked govt’s vote … then it’s Balkanization time. Choose … and stand by and be able to explain your choice. America is not a HOBBY. America is our INHERITANCE. If you choose to be “watchmen,” then do your job.

  2. White Scooter Trash

    If you vote for us we wont terrorize you. You are being threatened. Is this the kind of President you want ? This is how a thug rolls. I will continue to break your windows until you buy glass insurance.

    A bully is always more scared of you and that is why they want you to fear them. Because the bully is insecure and can only run you on fear.
    When you stand up and get nose to nose you watch how they quiver and back down.

    FEAR. F**k everything and run or Face everything and recover.
    If you are scared they have control. You must be brave and have the courage to make a difference for the things you can change. It starts with your attitude then your actions.

    We need a wake up call on attitude before a plan of action can be taken.
    The question is how the F**k can this be done ?

    I am very good at identifying and planning solutions but not good at deploying. Everyone needs to share their strength and creativity as we are the people and these being “they” are our servants.

    So moving forward for the condensed quick reading ……
    Little sweet peas need to be replaced with big huge hairy apple sack.

  3. D

    Hillary Clinton is a known 3rd degree witch. Her and her cohorts sole intention is to bring this Nation to its knees. Is this what you people want? Far too many people I encounter are nothing more than bleeting sheeple. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!


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