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Wednesday, October 10, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
October 10th, 2018

The Japanese never considered invading America after the attack upon Pearl Harbor because there “would be an American with a gun behind every blade of grass”. However, the Americans were able to successfully occupy post-World War II Japan. This begs the question, is the following quote, true or false, when it comes to the United States?

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”

It would be nearly impossible for an outside power to successfully invade the United States. /or would it? What about the resolve of the people? What are the motivations at work here?

Imagine if you will, you are an American, the invaders are in your street, you have your rifle and enough ammo and your children are in the house with you and you have heard these stories telling that Dallas has been burned to the ground by the invaders for the example. All the men were killed and the women abused. You hear Chinese being yelled from down the street. Would most reasonable and sane people be willing to surrender? How would most people respond in this situation.

The sheer brutality of the Chinese military would eventually preclude any capitulation. There are some fates worse than death and torture and death is all an invading Chinese military would offer. Subsequently, the resistance level against the Chinese grow exponentially.

I recently interviewed a number ex-military personnel including a former ARSOF high ranking commander and the consensus is the same among all parties. If an when the Chinese invade, they will have a tiger by the tail.

The Logistics of Land Mass

From a military perspective, the land mass off the United States is an invading power would need boots on the ground. The US has 350 million residents, both legal and illegal, but only has an average population density of only 38 people per square kilometer. Subsequently, an invading army would have to contend with both a massive geographic challenges, but they also have to contend with a large population base.

The experts I spoke with stated that it would take a minimum of 6 million soldiers to garrison the country and some thought it would take as many as 20 million. China, or China and Russia could field and army that big, but the economic costs of doing so would negate any economic advantage associated with conquering and occupying the assets of the United States. In short, from an economic perspective, it would be cost prohibitive.

No country in the world has an army that big. China could field one if it had a need, but it is the only country with a sufficient population to field that many soldiers and with enough wealth to not immediately suffer a catastrophic economic collapse due to the immediate contraction of the labor market that fielding the army would cause.

The Logistics of Necessary for An Invading Army

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