The End Game of the Extreme Left Has Been Set Into Motion

Saturday, October 6, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
October 6th, 2018

America will never be the same. The two divergent sides, those who support America and those who support globalists are on full display. It is the stuff that good movie material comes from as it is a classic case of good vs. evil. Only this is no movie script, this real life. and it is now painfully clear that regardless if Kavanaugh had been confirmed on this day or not, that many people who are alive today to witness the tearing apart of the country, may not be around to witness the conclusion of this great conflict. The Kavanaugh debacle is not the cause of what is coming, it merely hastened the timetable of what was already in progress, a second American civil war. And mark my words, it is a war of the left’s choosing. I am still fearful that the conservatives do not have the stomach for what is about to happen in this country.

It is melodramatic to say “millions will die”, but if conservatives will not acquiesce to the illegitimate will of the minority and submit to globalism, Satanism and despotism, this is exactly what is going to happen.

The Left’s “Fail-Safe Plan Is Now Operational”

What is obvious isn’t always true. However, in this case, it would be a severe departure from logic to think that Soros led forces are not ready to execute plans that have been formulated several months in advance. Several months? Yes! The Democratic Socialist Party and its Deep State puppeteers know their views are outside the mainstream. Then know that they are outnumbered. They know that America is waking up to this menace and they know that despite controlling entertainment, news and business and being aligned more closely with the Communist Chinese than the American government, they know that their vehicle of change (ie Democratic Party) is nearly ready to be placed on life support.

One of the barometers of this change has to do with the TV show, Last Man Standing. This will seem like a comparison that comes out of left field, but it is precisely on point as the show is symbolic of the divide between patriots and hedonistic globalists.

The show was cancelled for its one man, one woman and virtuous children approach. The traditional values of the family, as expressed in the show, are unwavering. There are no 96 genders and the father (ie Tim Allen) acts like a man and not some piece of milk-toast. In one rerun I watched last week, the “father” actually implicated Obama in Benghazi, twice! No wonder it got cancelled. As a result, the show is wildly popular. The father is successful in business and there is no talk of the government taking over the business (eg Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth “I’m not really an Indian” Warren).

The ratings for this show are through the roof, despite the show being cancelled on another network for being “too conservative”. The show now airing on Fox, displays ratings that demonstrate that despite the fact that the Deep State controls all the venues of power, they do not control the hearts, minds and the souls of the good people of this country. And now that this fact is painfully obvious, there is no alternative. Extreme measures are now called for. George Soros and an old familiar name, Bill Ayers, are at the forefront planning the coup that will not just directed at the Trump administration, but at the American people as a whole.

It is very interesting to note that after Friday’s Kavanaugh vote, Trump warned Senators to not let themselves be influenced by Soros and his evil forces. Wow! Are the gloves ever off. A course for collision has been set.

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