New calls for FBI investigation of Christine Blasey Ford… did she LIE under oath?

Saturday, October 6, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Saturday, October 06, 2018

In the aftermath last week of Senate Judiciary Committee testimony from Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, there was a common theme among elected leaders and the political commentariat: Both of them were “credible.”

Ford, you may recall, has accused Kavanaugh of sexually molesting and assaulting her 35-plus years ago when both were teenagers in Maryland. Kavanaugh has vehemently denied Ford’s allegations as well as those leveled by other women.

Both testified under oath. But while there are two sides to every story, there is only one set of facts, which means one of them is not being truthful.

One of them wasn’t being honest. And lying under oath to a congressional panel is a crime. So is lying to the FBI (just ask former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn).

That means one of them should be subject to legal action, which – if convicted – would include prison time.

But which one?

Before she testified, and during, Ford claimed that she couldn’t recall anything about the alleged incident – when it happened, where it happened, and how she got to and from the party/event where the alleged incident took place. Yet she is certain that Kavanaugh was the offender?

She also claimed that Kavanaugh’s high school pal Mark Judge was in whatever room at whichever place the alleged incident happened, so he could turn up the music and watch the door to mask Ford’s protests. She said three other people were also witnesses. None of them corroborate her story.

She claimed that she was afraid of flying, and yet she flies all over the world, practically. She claimed that she has “never” coached anyone about how to take a polygraph exam, but an ex-boyfriend now claims – under oath and penalty of perjury – that he saw her coach former FBI and Justice Department official (and good friend) Monica McLean.

What about Kavanaugh? How can we be sure he was telling the truth? (Related: Limbaugh: ‘Dems’ Kavanaugh freak-out stems from having Leftist agenda forced on us by courts’.)

Ford should be prosecuted if she lied

Judge Kavanaugh has been through six – and now seven – FBI background checks. These are not haphazardly done, as the crazy Left is insinuating after the bureau cleared him again this week. These are well-documented, meticulous investigations because they have to be: Anyone who goes to work in the White House, as Kavanaugh did for President George W. Bush, or is being nominated for the federal bench, where Kavanaugh now sits, must be fully and completely vetted.

If there had been even a whiff of any allegation of a sexual or criminal nature, the bureau would have found out about it.

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