FBI and DHS Sources Confirm the Elements of Civil War Are Present In America

Wednesday, October 3, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
October 3rd, 2018

The country is being split right down the middle. We have governors of states and their national Guards defying federal authority. The Capitol Police have forsaken their sworn duty to protect Representatives and Senators as expected and required. The net effect of what is going to be reported in this article centers on the fact that America has definitively entered into a civil war phase. Toxic substances were sent to the Pentagon, who supports Trump and the offices of Senator Ted Cruz. The Left has actively declared war on conservative politicians.


This is almost going to sound like Dr. Ford’s testimony with regard to vetting the story. The original person who released controversial information is undoubtedly from one of the alphabet soup agencies. For months, this individual has been providing me with intelligence information that has largely ended up being validated days and weeks after the fact. I have never cited this source because I do not know who they are and what agency they are with. Yet, they are accurate, most of the time. However, unlike Dr. Ford, other reliable sources were able to validate their story about what is printed below. The sources I used to validate the material were from the FBI and DHS, respectively, as well as Paul Martin’s best source of intelligence information who claims that a bio attack is on the table.

The process I used to validate my anonymous source of information that America is a full-fledged state of civil of war started with a seemingly unrelated story.

The Belt Buckle Strategy

The revelation of information began with a video I ran that caught the attention of DHS and it had to do with changing tactics of Antifa. Antifa is changing part of their MO from confronting opposing groups in the street as a separate force and then physically engaging their enemy to dressing like Trump supporters and marching along with Antifa’s opposition and then on a predetermined signal would attack their opposition from within their opposition’s group. This is called the “Belt Buckle” strategy.

The term “belt buckle” strategy comes from the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese army. These Vietnamese groups knew they could not negate American artillery and air power so they resorted to engaging American forces in close proximity and their military leaders liked to say we will grab the enemy by their belt buckles, meaning that combat would be in close quarters. This will soon become Antifa’s riot-commencing strategy.

The person from DHS confirmed the strategy and they expect it to happen in Chicago as a police officer shot a young black man in self-defense. DHS expects this to become the next Jefferson. With the level of violence already present in Chicago any type of Jefferson riot experience could prove cataclysmic and high infectious and would likely spread to many large urban areas. This is presumably why certain governors are being persuaded to stand down.

Additionally, I learned that DHS is expecting another Boston Bombing event as well. The DHS person asked me to mention to my readers and listeners to never pick up a backpack in public for all the obvious reasons. Here is my original report on the “Belt Buckle” strategy which caught the attention of DHS.

Drawing Up Sides for the Civil War

Below are key excerpts I received from an unknown intelligence source from which I had to vet the content with other known sources:

>Soros is now in talks with commanding generals of Army and Air Force National Guards of the following states, California, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, Maine, Vermont, Colorado, North Dakota, Missouri, Delaware, Hawaii, and Connecticut. Soros is prepared, with the approval of bought off governors, of paying these individuals $100 million a piece to keep their forces on the sidelines for what is about to take place (DHS and FBI confirmed except for the exact dollar amounts of the bribes).

Getting the 14 governors to stand down in the face of massive rioting in their cities is certainly coming from Soros’ organizations of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Moveon.org related with regard to creating a civil war like atmosphere. As the DHS source was discussing Antifa’s “Belt Buckle” strategy, the source also confirmed the previous information regarding the stand down intentions of the 14 governors, which originally came from an anonymous intelligence source.

The report continues:

FBI and CIA hierarchy has given its assent for the program. Trump will have to move fast and with overwhelming force to cut off the head. Puerto Rico governor is already on board and would not contest a landing by Chinese and Russian forces on the island. Plan entails Russian use of several EMP devices on mainland (hesitantly confirmed by the DHS source), followed by 5th column attacks on leftists to stir up massive rebellion. Once this starts these forces will then move to overwhelm southern border entry points and attack strategic mainland Navy, Army, and Air Force bases. Chinese will overwhelm ports of Long Beach, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver (Previously reported by the CSS). Canadian Prime Minister now on board and will not honor his treaty commitment to the United States. He will stand down his forces. In return Russia will not seize more territory than highways leading from Alaska and the St Lawrence navigation route. Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Russia, and China will form vanguard of southern invasion force (This last part is is new and unconfirmed information).

People who follow my work are intimately familiar how I have detailed these potential Red Dawn activities. Further, I have previously written about how Washington, Oregon and No. California will be placed under the control of Canada in exchange for standing down. The planned region actually has a name, Cascadia.

Again, more from the report:

North Korea, China, and Iran will be used to tie down American units in the Middle East and Northern Asia. North Korea will attack, starting the campaign, once South Korea completes dismantling it’s land mine fields. This process has already started. At zero hour Russian and Chinese hunter killer satellites will take out American GPS and early warning satellites. EMP burst overhead will shut down American power grid. This will be when 5th column goes into action. The killing will be massive and on a nationwide scale (FBI and ARSOF confirmed).

The Rest…HERE

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