Conservative America Has a New and Dangerous Enemy- His Name Is Jeff Flake…”It is time to prepare as the these terrorist are now doing. They are getting trained up to engage the Patriots of America. You best get ready, a shit storm is coming your way.”

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
October 2nd, 2018

I was in rush hour traffic the other day and watched as the general population has no idea what is coming. I felt like I was watching people on the beach, clueless, as they were ready to be wiped out for a tsunami.

Right now, most of the people in our country are so preoccupied with petty concerns that have collectively have a shelf life of about 24 hours. Look around when you are in public, many of the people you are looking at will not be here in the near future. You may not be here in the near future. Members of the Independent Media have been warning the public for years that this moment was coming and still most of the public is dead from the neck up as they approach their final demise.

The Walls Are Closing In

I received this following communications in the past 24 hours and it reflects the seriousness of the hour:

My 2 cents. I have over 40 years with D.O.D. and other 3 letter agencies and at one time was a Director of Emergency Management. Here’s what I have been a part of and I saw first hand.

First off the FEMA Camps are real, I help convert FOB’s at Camp Atterbury into FEMA Camps. There is a civilian prison already built and being used at Camp Atterbury. Several years ago, I had in my hands applications to go to work at different FEMA Camps thru out the Country. I had contracts in my hands for contractors to bid on setting up and running these camps with in 24 hours. I attended numerous Federal trainings as the Emergency Management Director and since 2003, the first class I attended, attention was on, people of faith, Veterans, Preppers and Militias. I was a founding member of one of the largest Militias in America. Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia.
Now it is 2018, and people they are concerned with are Veterans, People of Faith, Preppers, Militias and now added Ham Operators. These people don’t like the fact they can pull the plug on Comms, but US Hams can still talk.

I have watched Law Enforcement stand down while the Democrat terrorist attack and destroy American history, Patriots and truth sources for information. Major media lies about everything they can, Facebook and other sources of public information are being shut down /censored unless it supports the Left Democrat Socialist agenda.

It is time to prepare as the these terrorist are now doing. They are getting trained up to engage the Patriots of America. You best get ready, a shit storm is coming your way.


Dear Dave Hodges,

Against my better judgment, I feel compelled to write to you about what I have seen and my part in it. While with the FBI, I was in a position to see much of the off the books funding for covert projects our agency ran for what you call the Deep State. We do not serve the people, we served the special interests. I have seen as we helped perpetrate cover ups in child trafficking cases like the one at Penn State. The guilty parties extended very high up into the political arena and even into their media partners. I was part of the cover up.

You frequently cite your FBI contact. I want to issue a you a warning. If certain people ever find out who this is, they will be dead within 24 hours. Death wish! Stupid, but accurate. Your source is correct it contains black budget funding to carry out terrorist acts against the so called enemies of the state.

Assassination is part of the genre of the Bureau. So is drug dealing, arranged betting operations designed to bribe certain key public figures. Virtually every politician you know is controlled by us or someone similar to us.

When I was younger, I was an alpha male who was very ambitious and I would have done anything, and I mean anything to advance my career. Now that I am older, I don’t see things the way I once did.

My grandkids are screwed. You are screwed. The people who read your articles and listen to our videos are screwed. Even with Trump at the helm, he is still not in control and the invasion of this country continues. We have f….ed our country so a few bastards could gain more power and that is what I am having trouble living with.

I want to leave you with this. Trump is in real trouble. The Secret Service cannot protect him and even if they wanted to, and they do not want to, but they cannot protect him. Neither can the Marines or anybody else.

I have been noticing that you have been all over Senator Jeff Flake. I don’t know anything specifically, but I know that if regime change is coming, there needs to be a transition leader. The U.S. will not accept Hillary or Obama or even a compromised Pence. It has to be someone new. I fear Flake is that guy and you have picked up on it. Expose it further, Mr. Hodges because the FEMA camps you write about are real

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