Mike Adams WARNS conservative Senators, Supreme Court justices: The unhinged left is planning “kill team” home invasions to execute you and your families

Sunday, September 30, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Sunday, September 30, 2018

The hysterical, deceitful fake news reporting by the left-wing media is driving left-wing activists to violence and bloodshed. Never forget the rifle assault by a deranged leftist that targeted conservative U.S. lawmakers on a softball field, injuring Rep. Steve Scalise (and nearly killing him). Also do not forget the violent physical assault on Sen. Rand Paul by his unhinged Democrat neighbor.

We are now learning that left-wing domestic terrorism groups are openly discussing “kill team” tactics on Twitter and Facebook, discussing methods of carrying SBRs (short-barreled rifles) under their clothing, blending in with crowds, then popping out of the crowds to assassinate prominent conservatives such as U.S. Senators, Supreme Court justices and prominent conservative radio personalities. All this was first reported by PJ Media.

In addition to the open discussion of “kill team” tactics on social media platforms, we’re also seeing:

The deliberate “doxxing” of conservative Senators by congressional staffers who appear to be linked to the office of Maxine Waters, an unhinged lunatic Leftist who has repeatedly called for violence against conservatives. Sen. Rand Paul is now calling for an investigation into the doxxing.
Left-wing website editors calling for home invasions and assaults of conservatives. The editor of Think Progress, a George Soros-linked “progressive” website, recently encouraged left-wing activists to stage home invasions of targeted conservatives.
“Mob assaults” on U.S. Senators like Sen. Ted Cruz, who was mobbed by a group of screaming lunatics at a public restaurant in D.C. It’s not difficult to imagine these lunatic mobs escalating this one more step to the point of attempting to stab or shoot conservative Senators in public. These acts, were they to be carried out, would no doubt be celebrated by the Huffington Post, Buzz Feed and other left-wing radical publishers that have all but declared war on America.
The surreptitious use of government databases by embedded deep state socialists / communists who use their government privileges to locate the home addresses of their intended conservative targets, allowing those individuals to be targeted in their own homes. This has now been openly admitted by these deep state operatives as caught in the Project Veritas videos.
Complicity on the part of tech giants which are systematically banning conservative voices but deliberately protecting the channels of left-wing terrorism groups like Antifa.

The intended targets of these unhinged, radical Leftists obviously include:

Conservative U.S. Senators and House Representatives
Conservative radio personalities such as Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh
President Donald J. Trump
Conservative authors and speakers such as Ann Coulter or Greg Jarrett

I have recorded and published a warning to all Americans, detailing the plans of unhinged, deranged Leftists who continue to be driven to insanity by a lying, dishonest left-wing media which “feeds the frenzy” on a daily basis. With USA Today now printing columns that essentially declare Brett Kavanaugh to be a pedophile who should never be allowed near children, the so-called “media” in America has jumped the shark, abandoning anything resembling the First Amendment role of reporting the news and now resorting to smearing innocent people while encouraging mass hysteria and violence among left-wing lunatics.

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4 Responses to “Mike Adams WARNS conservative Senators, Supreme Court justices: The unhinged left is planning “kill team” home invasions to execute you and your families”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    VERY simple solution : Use the spy grid to see WHO are saying this. Then arrest them. Then convict them and send to Guantanamo. Is that SO difficult ??? I’m reminded of the old Clint Eastwood western – High Plains Drifter. 3 LOSERS … twinkie arm pansy LOSERS, are threatening everyone in an entire town. But they’re too pussyish to band together and EASILY EASILY snuff the 3 punks. Watch the movie. It’s an allegory of America.

    WE are the townsfolk.

    The 3 LOSERS are Antifa threatening us. 🙂 It’s sad.

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  3. Texas Coyote

    It has been said by many that the only way out of this for the Democrats is war. They have tried to start those wars on several occasions now, but so far President Trump and his administration have headed those off. I’m sure the Democrats are not opposed to a civil war among Americans if they can light the fuse.

  4. White Scooter Trash

    The kill is for you and me.

    While we are distracted by the political daily freak show 5G is being deployed for the new cell phone network. This is very dangerous for your health and if you get sick you cant fight. Get it ? Second The weather weapon climate change geoengineering. Deliberate destruction of the earth in the name of saving it.

    Our bodies are embedded with nano particles from the chemtrails. The 5G will be used to trigger those nano particles which means our bodies are living antennas and can be manipulated by this technology.

    If we have no fresh air no food or water plus poor health you need not worry about the g0vernment. Forget about the market collapse and the left. Our lives are at stake and technology is being used to kill us.

    It will be a miracle if we all live to see the year 2020.


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