The Liberals Have Captured the Hearts and Minds of Our Youth

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 26th, 2018

I and many of my esteemed colleagues in the Independent Media work tirelessly to help preserve our existing culture, civil liberties and the overall preservation of our country.

Nearly all of us in this business strongly desire to leave a country to our children worthy of pride, respect and loyalty. Our American culture is on the verge of slipping into the abyss of third-world country mediocrity.

Compared to the country that we once enjoyed, we are handing our children a cesspool of perversion, laziness and extreme self-indulgence. JFK’s message to America in which he stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” rings hollow in today’s America.

We have politicians like Senator Dianne Feinstein (R-CA) who gets away with enabling a Chinese spy on her staff with impunity for over 20 years. Feinstein entered the Senate as a millionaire and is now worth over a billion dollars and she accomplished this amazing feat on a public servant’s salary of $170,000. Yet, we tolerate this nonsense. No wonder our children don’t think they are accountable to anyone. No wonder our children don’t think that they have to earn what they get and no wonder our country has been undermined by liberals from the bottom up.

People in my profession work so very hard to preserve this country and then something catches our attention and it leaves us asking “Why are we wasting our time…”?

The Lessons of My Youth

In my family, if I were to ever get in trouble at school, I was even more in trouble at home. Some of my teachers were incredibly difficult. They allowed for no excuses. The only thing that mattered was your final product. Was it good enough? You either passed or you failed. There were no liberal-orientated policies in place where every kid got a trophy, nobody fails and the primary concern was not damaging “Sally’s self-esteem”. And when my teachers were done with us, we had to contend with coaches who made us afraid to fail. They taught us how to overcome the “disease of me” and sacrifice for our team. Most of all, our coaches taught us how to bounce back from setbacks and how to deal with adversity.

In many of today’s public schools, are children are learning the opposite. Our children are shielded from the naturally occurring consequences of their actions. In large part, our children never learn to develop a spirit of resilience because they are shielded from results of their bad decisions. In many of our schools are children are being taught that one should get rewarded for simply showing up. We are certainly not teaching them to honor God. How many of you parents would like to work for a boss that enabled our personal laziness?

In effect, our children are being propagandized to accept and embrace mediocrity. Subsequently, I am left asking some very fundamental questions. Even if we are successful in eradicating the liberal, communist-orientated threat to our country, will our children be able to rightfully take their place in successfully leading our nation into the next generation?

As we prepare to hand our children the keys to the car, so to speak, we need to ask if our children even will know how to drive the car. A recent poll revealed that 53% Millennials prefer socialism over free enterprise. In other words, we have allowed the conditioning of our children to include the acceptance of failure. Please remember, socialism has never worked anywhere it has been tried and America is about to become the latest nation to reinforce this lesson of history.

America’s Version of the Hitler Youth Movement
The undermining of our youth is happening in places where one would expect the opposite to be happening. Many our schools have become social engineering experiments for the implementation of a liberal-orientated group think approach to laziness and self-indulgent behavior. Let’s take the K-8 West Gate School in Port St. Lucie, FL., as an example of the Marxist-socialist conditioning of our youth.

There Is No Such Thing As a Stinking Due Date

Due dates are a thing of the past. For the Millennial youth of today, showing up for work and producing is so… well… yesteryear. Minimum wage should be $20 per hour. “Who are you to judge me and I can live in my mom’s basement till I am 40”.

Eight years of Obama’s welfare state and his moronic Common Core education program have done irreparable harm to our children.

Obama may no longer be the President, but his nonsensical and moronic notions of a nanny state are still with us today. Take the Port St. Lucie K-8 West Gate school as a prime example.

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