3 Ways Facebook Is Increasingly Becoming An Arm Of The US Government

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden
Mon, 09/24/2018

Facebook has lately announced a series of major steps it would take to combat fake news and the global spread of misinformation that it says could influence elections, but the more we learn about just who it is Facebook is partnering with in this endeavor, the clearer it becomes that these initiatives are not at all designed to foster independent thought and discourse, but to ultimately ensure that public online discourse doesn’t stray too far from official state narratives.

Mark Weisbrot, a co-director at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, recently slammed Facebook’s decision to work with US government-funded organizations as “Orwellian” — especially given the fact these organizations themselves “specialize in overseas propaganda.”

Thus while claiming to fight Russian, Iranian, and other propaganda these very groups will strictly enforce an official establishment Washington and NATO view of world events.

Here are 3 extremely worrisome Facebook initiatives to which the public should pay close attention, and which suggest the social media giant is increasingly becoming a censorship arm of the US government and its allies…

Facebook’s Partnership with US state-funded think tanks

Last Wednesday Facebook announced it would work with two US government-funded think tanks in order bolster the social media giant’s “election integrity efforts” around the globe.

The new partnership with the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) has been described by Reuters as an initiative to “slow the global spread of misinformation that could influence elections, acknowledging that fake news sites were still read by millions”.

But both the IRI and NDI are funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which has since its late Cold War era founding defined itself as a “soft power” wing of the US government abroad focused on “democracy promotion”.

Journalist Max Blumenthal recently described the NDI as “a taxpayer funded organization that has interfered in elections, mobilized coups, and orchestrated public relations campaigns against nations that resist Washington’s agenda.”

Max Blumenthal explored the National Endowment for Democracy’s machinations in recent history and today in a mini-documentary entitled, “Inside America’s Meddling Machine”

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2 Responses to “3 Ways Facebook Is Increasingly Becoming An Arm Of The US Government”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    It’s not the “US” Government. It’s Satans imps who’ve HIJACKED The US Government. Time to restructure into Republics. Time to Balkanize. UNLESS you’re prepared to AND believe it possible to … deport at LEAST 40 + million illegal 3rd world darkies ( some born on US soil, ) and IMPORT about 20 million WHITE conservatives from Europe and South Africa based on need. Choose. A or B. Don’t wanna choose ? You just chose the collapse of ALL of America.

  2. Strayhorse

    Facebook(Lifelog) IS, IS, IS an intelligence arm of the corrupt deep state of the U.S. Government.


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