Trump Preparing Martial Law Crackdown In California-Social Media Put on Notice-Will Civil War Result?

Monday, September 24, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 24th, 2018

This article ties together a possible Red Dawn invasion force, with social media censorship and the New California movement into one storyline. America is at a definitive crossroads and we watching history in the making.

I have been speaking with a number of very good journalists over the past week. These individuals have very good sources and a clear picture is beginning to emerge.

Although it is true that we are in involved in a socio-cultural, political and economic war, the war has largely been nonviolent. However, this is about to change and change in a very dramatic manner.

It is time to connect the dots by comparing notes of journalists who have a proven track record of being trustworthy and accurate by comparing these accounts to what I already know to be true.

Paul Martin

I am interviewing Paul Martin on my radio show this coming Sunday night. In preliminary conversations with Paul, his two best sources, independent of each other, are providing him with stunning and consistent information about what is coming.

In the past, Paul and I were approach by an insider source and were given photos of UN communications equipment that my experts tell me are designed to operate after a general or localized EMP attack. In any civil war scenario, the UN will clearly involve themselves.

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6 Responses to “Trump Preparing Martial Law Crackdown In California-Social Media Put on Notice-Will Civil War Result?”

  1. Strayhorse

    As a Patriot and an American Honorably Discharged Veteran HOW DO AMERICANS KNOW that POTUS Trump won’t use martial law against ALL OF US. Americans have been lied to, stolen from, terrorized, tortured, robbed, raped, pillaged, shat upon, victimized, ridiculed, marginalized and discriminated against BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. WHY WOULDN’T WE BE SKEPTICAL OF ANYTHING THIS ADMINISTRATION DOES? What assurance do Americans today have that POTUS Trump REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WANTS TO MAGA? He’s got his millions/billions, Americans today are still living in poverty, hungry, homeless, under-educated, underemployed, and demonized throughout the world because of ALL THE PAST ADMINISTRATIONS, PAST CONGRESSES AND PAST SUPREME COURTS. WHY TRUST POTUS TRUMP?

  2. Caroline

    Excellent note Strayhorse:
    Know this; I agree with the premise of trusting no one. However, we have some reason to trust President Trump unlike the previous faker-in-office. Most important, how do you come to trust anyone. Past deeds tell you that the individual has “some” character (or not) and that they believe in the same ideals and aim for the same goals as yourself.

    While in the office of President oBozo did not once give America a reason to trust him (or whatever it is) due to hidden/concealed background/records/
    contacts and “deals”. The idea of pushing a cross dressing ex-football player onto the public as its wife had a tendency to alienate most of America.

    After it left office, President Trump billed Michael oBozo for the stolen eleven (B)illion dollars owed the American taxpayer and that bill is still outstanding. A four hundred million dollar “compound” was recovered in Thailand that was possessed by oBozo and his thugs. A multi-million dollar yacht was recovered in Florida that was being used by oBozos rent-a-kids for parties…that is back in the hands of the treasury.

    The list goes on. Is it indicative of total trust…I think not, but it’s a start.

    Are all of President Trumps claims absolute and true? I have no idea, but, I feel that this country is headed in the right direction.

    There appears to be some forty thousand (40,000) plus/minus sealed indictments against many of the criminal elements in this country outstanding. Do we assume this will clear out the swamp? Quite candidly, I have no idea…but it’s a start.

    How ’bout we do this. Let’s give the man a chance. As he said when approaching the minority voters WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE???

  3. White Scooter Trash

    The way to keep this simple to understand is to take a close look at what this g0vernment did to the American Indians. How can you ever trust a government that bludgeoned massacred and used up these indigenous tribes ? They were terrorized, tortured, robbed, raped, pillaged, shat upon, diseased, turned into alcoholics, raped,victimized,and murdered in the name of what ? They were forced to give up 15,000 years of their heritage and forced to worship some religion. This was the biggest genocide never recorded in history and if they did it to them they will do it to you and me. As far as I am concerned the best thing that can happen is our marines come back home and protect the people from a tyrannical c0rporation. Trump needs to send our troops into the foreign soil call Washingt0n DC and clean the garbage out of the white h0use. Thank you for your service Strayhorse.

  4. Robert Edward Lee

    Earlier post loaded on this article … then was mysteriously pulled. You SAY you don’t censor. I believe you. 🙂

    Regarding above comments : There’s no new uncharted territories to conquer / homestead / found a nation on. So … our ONLY solution when things get this bad is to RESTRUCTURE our existing inheritance ( America, ) that has been stolen / hijacked by Satans imps.

    Restructure or die.
    Balkanize or sink.
    2 + 2 = 4.

    Stop concerning yourselves over “what government’s doing for / to us … what WILL government do to us.” NEW CONCERN = WHAT WILL WE DO FOR OURSELVES ? The ONLY answer is to found a new country within a country … or die.

  5. OldReb

    Question for Dave Hodges: Over the last year I signed up for your newsletter six (6) times. To date nothing. Am I too conservative?
    Take a good look at the art of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, All WASP’s, All White males. Then read Article one section two of the Constitution. If you do not make the connection, let me know and I will put it in first grade English.


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