EMERGENCY REPORT: Signed Executive Orders reveal Trump is planning mass arrests, military tribunals for deep state traitors like Comey, Clinton and Obama…”President Trump will need to declare temporary martial law.”

Sunday, September 23, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Sunday, September 23, 2018


As the documents cited here clearly show, President Trump is planning to carry out mass arrests of deep state traitors, including Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, James Comey and even Barack Obama. This is fully covered, with accompanying documentation from the U.S. Federal Register, in the links and video below. (This author is fully supportive of this effort to save America and arrest the traitors.)

The confirmation of Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court is the key to getting this done in a timely manner, which explains why the deranged Left is going to such outrageous extremes to fabricate false allegations against Kavanaugh and stage coordinated, well-funded protests to try to block the U.S. Senate from confirming him.

Once Kavanaugh is on the court, it will add the necessary support for constitutional “emergency powers” that concentrate power in the executive branch of government (currently headed by President Trump) during times of war and national emergencies.

FACT: The United States has been operating under a state of declared war since September, 2001, following the 9/11 attacks.

FACT: The United States has been operating under a declared national emergency, signed by President Trump, since December 20, 2017 (see proof document, below).

In this detailed video analysis, I lay out the evidence for President Trump’s plan to issue mass arrests of deep state traitors, then try them for treason under military tribunals. This is justified and lawful because the acts being committed against the United States of America by deep state traitors are acts of treason during a time of declared war. It is no coincidence that President Trump has deliberately funded the U.S. Pentagon with its most massive budgets ever conceived. This is because the Pentagon has agreed to run the military arrests of deep state traitors, under the direction of the Commander-In-Chief, President Trump.

President Trump, I believe, has decided to go to bat for America and utterly destroy the anti-American deep state crime ring that has been working for years to destroy this nation and end its national sovereignty. This will be Trump’s legacy. He may not even run for re-election after 2020, since his entire plan to arrest the traitors and restore the rule of law in America will require him to step aside once certain goals are accomplished (see detailed explanation below).

Note that in order to accomplish this, President Trump will need to declare temporary martial law. He will need our support during this time to maintain order and civility across the nation as the arrests and trials of deep state traitors are under way. We should all expect mass violence and chaos from the Left, which is following the “Rules for Radicals,” a blueprint for communist revolts and violent overthrow attempts of governments.

See the documents for yourself… this is all posted on the U.S. Federal Register government website

The Rest…HERE

3 Responses to “EMERGENCY REPORT: Signed Executive Orders reveal Trump is planning mass arrests, military tribunals for deep state traitors like Comey, Clinton and Obama…”President Trump will need to declare temporary martial law.””

  1. Caroline

    If you don’t see the divine hand in what is happening to America you may really be missing out. No matter what you think of this man (President Trump) you should be on your knees thanking the one God that we have come this far since November 2016. Here is a man that quite possibly may sacrifice everything to save this country from the filth that has run free for several hundred years world wide, and nation wide for decades.

    When this cleansing is over, no matter the outcome, we as a people WILL BE DIFFERENT. Each and every one of us need to ask God daily to protect our President, his family and our own, that President Trump is successful in his endeavours.

    We are about to see events that Americans never have seen and never expected to see in this country. There is not one man or woman alive that has seen mortal conflict ON AMERICAN SOIL…but, people we are about to encounter an amazing future. Take the one and only God into your hearts and ask that he, and he alone care for you and family and do it now.

  2. White Scooter Trash

    Some shit better go down cuz it aint gonna be me lickin boot when push comes to shove. That’s a promise I swear I will keep MF.


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