California Politicians Are Calling for the Assassination of President Trump

Sunday, September 23, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 23rd, 2018

Representative Mad Maxine Waters and Governor Jerry Brown have directly threatened the life of President Trump. They are both guilty of committing felonies. Yet, nothing has, and nothing will happen to them. However, if one threatens the life of a liberal reporter, the DOJ cannot get to the scene of the crime fast enough. The net effect of this lawless environment that we live in is that the President’s life is in extreme danger.

Mad Maxine Waters Threatens Donald Trump’s Life

Mad Maxine Waters is no stranger to breaking the law since she has been in Congress. She is a public servant who makes $170,000 per year and lives in a $4.3 million dollar home, the richest home in her district.

From Newsweek:

A (former guest) on Fox News said that Democratic Representative Maxine Waters’s call to “take Trump out” was the sort of talk that “leads to assassination attempts on Republican lawmakers.” Waters, who represents California, said that “I will go and take Trump out tonight” during an event in New York City….

Appearing on morning show Fox and Friends, conservative commentator Lawrence Jones claimed that Waters’s words had dangerous implications, particularly in the wake of the June shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice that left House Majority Whip Steve Scalise in intensive care.

“I’m a free speech person and I’m a libertarian, but when you incite violence that should be investigated,” Jones said. “I’m not so concerned about Maxine Waters; I’m concerned about the people that listen to her—the people that tried to assassinate Republican congressmen at a baseball field. This is the type of behavior that sends these people out to assassinate Republicans.”

These statements were made by Waters a year ago. However, the following quotes were made by Waters, last week. When do we take her death threats against President Trump seriously?
From Hannity:

Firebrand Congresswoman Maxine Waters raised eyebrows across the nation this weekend; vowing to “knock off” President Trump while delivering a scathing speech in Washington, DC.

The full-time anti-Trump crusader took her war against the president to the next level while receiving a ‘Diversity’ award Friday evening; pledging to take down Trump before setting her sights on Vice President Pence.

“There are those who say, ‘What if we get rid of him? Then we’ve got that Vice President and he’ll be worse.’ I say knock off the first one and then go after the second one,’” screamed Waters.

Maxine Waters is a domestic terrorist. When are we going to take these threats seriously and put her in prison where she belongs?

California Governor Brown Threatens the Life of President Trump

From the governor of California who does nothing to protect his people. Only massive national criticism got this governor to take any corrective steps to keep the Oroville Dam from breaking and endangering the lives of over a million people. And even now, the dam is not structurally sound and the lives of a million California citizens are still at risk and Brown does nothing.

Governor Brown has done nothing, either pro-actively, or in respond to the massive fires in California. He even supports a law that refuses to let firefighters use local water to put out the fire. Fortunately, Trump’s people ignored Brown and used groundwater to fight the massive fires in Northern Arizona anyway.

Governor Brown has overseen the Calexit movement which is the attempted departure of California from the Union to become a protectorate of the United nations.

And when it comes to threatening the life of the President, even Governor Moonbeam is getting into the act. This Jesuit devotee and supporter of the pedophile enabling pope issued a statement that should land him in prison. He said “someone should take out that guy”, referring to Trump. It is illegal to threaten the life of the President. Yet, the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, Sessions and Rosenstein, respectively, should be arresting Governor Jerry Brown. But wait, Sessions and Rosenstein are Deep State. Sorry, there will be no justice as long as either is in their position.

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2 Responses to “California Politicians Are Calling for the Assassination of President Trump”

  1. Strayhorse

    SEDITION AND TREASON – time for public arrest, charge, mug shot, and no bail – flight risk. These two are but a small number of the cabal coup plotters and they must be held to account.

  2. Caroline

    It’s brutally apparent that we have a double standard in this country when it comes to the law. These filthy pigs like Pelosi, (F)rankenstein, Brown et al have free rein to call out anyone and everyone that they feel may interfere with their program. You and I must abide by the law and NOT call out our President and/or suggest harm to him.

    Isn’t it about time that these filth saw the inside of Gitmo and let’s feed and water them until the year 2100 and see how they like that for a change???


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