The Chinese Plot to Control the World’s Food (Part 2)

Saturday, September 22, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 22nd, 2018

In yesterday’s article, I noted how the Chinese are taking over the continent of Africa. Their plan is not new (aka World Bank Imperialism), in which they offer cheap front-end loans to improve infrastructure, trade and transportation. The loans cannot be paid back and the Chinese foreclose on the virtual ownership of the country which includes fertile agricultural interests.

In yesterday’s article, I documented with 7 African media sources (none from the American MSM) regarding the plot of the Chinese to not only control the majority of nations on the continent of Africa, but they are moving to control much of the world’s food reserves by default.

The weaponization of food will no doubt leverage the West, in particular, the United States, into very favorable trade deals. The Chinese have indeed become more intelligent as they have learned the art of economic imperialism instead of relying on its military might as a first option. It is economically profitable to follow this course of action and will initially meet with less resistance.

All of Africa and the African Union will soon be working on behalf of Chinese economic interests. I have likened modern-day China as the 1929-1941 Japan as a nation that has food shortage issues and they also lack the raw materials needed to fulfill their industrialization dreams. The analogy is accurate, however, the Chinese, as stated, have learned the art of economic imperialism. The Japanese solely relied on their military power. The 20th century threat of Japan was well-known and anticipated. Conversely, the Chinese threat is nearly imperceptible because the military threat is not yet overt.

This article will examine the Chinese threat to American hegemony on a global scale.

China has long led the world in repressive and inhuman enforcement of its one child policies, mandatory sterilization and forced abortions. We also know that China permits corporate slave labor (e.g. Walmart) within its boundaries by globalist corporations. China is indeed a model for the implementation of Agenda 21 and this implementation phase is taking a new and dramatic twist. We, in the United States, should watch this Agenda 21 canary in the mine because it represents our future. These scenarios also describe how the Chinese will come to dominate the world.

Agenda 21 Comes to China In Stealth

Agenda 21 is being implemented in China at breakneck speed and the latest phase and is coming in under stealth and deception.

The Chinese government is in the process of relocating 250,000 people per week from rural farmlands to densely populated urban areas into what has been dubbed as the Chinese ghost towns. Many of us have heard about these Chinese ghost cities. However, until this year we didn’t really know the true purpose of why these ghost cities were being built. However, the veil is being lifted and now it is becoming very obvious as to what the Chinese are up to.

China Is Now an Urban Country

China’s urban population has passed the 50% mark, according to China’s Bureau of Statistics. America reached this milestone in 1920, almost a full century before the Chinese and our urbanization was fueled by the demand for cheap labor to fill the new factory jobs. The Communist Chinese regime touts urbanization as the engine behind China’s future economic development.

The Real Reasons

For the past few years, people in the West were baffled as to why the Chinese were building massive ghost cities that can house over 1 million people each and yet, these ghost cities were dormant until just recently. The emergence of the Chinese ghost cities is actually the beginning of the Chinese plan for food domination. The ghost city plan was originallydesigned to correct the domestic food shortages. However, the Chinese are expanding this plan. The Chinese have over 65 million micro-apartments which lies vacant in these ghost cities.

You will not believe who was originally behind this move.

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  1. White Scooter Trash

    Hey Hodge don’t forget it was Bill Clinton that sold the deep water port in California to the Chinese back in the 90’s and what we are experiencing right now is a direct result of the Clinton family selling this country out to the Chinese.

    The deep water port in California will allow the Chinese to bring their military right onto our shores. We have no protection here and we are sitting ducks. Possibly Peking Ducks.


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