Are We the Last Generation of Humans? The Great Deception is Upon Us

Sunday, September 16, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 16th, 2018

Someone recently asked me the following questions: Which of the following threats are the most threatening to humanity? Is it the threat of a pandemic, a nuclear war, a civil war accompanied by genocide and EMP attack…? Which is it?

Out of Chaos Comes Order
With regard to the previous questions, I answered all of these threats are coming, in fact, most the threats are already in progress. It takes force, significant and persistent force, in order to take down humanity in order to create the chaos needed to usher in the new order….The New World (Satanic) Order. The overlords of the New World Order will be the purveyors of Transhumanism.

I have spent most, but certainly not all, of my journalistic career, identifying the physical threats to our collective well-being and ultimate existence. However, it is important to remain cognizant of the fact that the final battleground will indeed be spiritual.

Lessons and Ponderings From Branson

In pondering the messages of the Legends Conference in Branson, MO., it is clear that a great deception is about ready to be unleashed on the Earth and mankind will be transformed into a hybrid being in which our humanity, and Satan’s great hope, our souls, are lost forever. This is Satan’s attempt to conquer God’s creation, mankind, which was made in God’s image.

Humanity is going to be sold on the notion that the “new technology” (which are actually the future tools of our enslavement), will make life convenient and more enjoyable. The new technology (eg smart phones, dramatic brain based implants which will cure diseases like cancer), will provide the allure of a better life. What could be wrong with embracing better health through technology? But this will be a slippery slope, which is characterized by the fact, that if mankind does not change direction, we, you and me, will be the last generation of humans on the planet.

The “Evil Ones” Have a Plan If Man Chooses God Over Eventual Enslavement

The new “toys” are highly addicting and provide immediate gratification. However, if man’s collective awareness and the need for self-preservation arises, can man pull back from the brink of our eventual enslavement and destruction?

Satan’s followers have a contingency plan, it is called Operation Blue Beam.

The new technology is actually ushering in a new age of singularity in which man’s lifespan is greatly expanded, however, most of us won’t be around to enjoy the benefits. Many of us in the Independent Media have been saying for sometime, that a (fake alien” invasion is coming. This so-called invasion is designed to be unveiled through holographic imaging which will make it appear that the invasion is underway. However, in actuality, these “invaders” are actually soldiers in Satan’s army. By design, the invasion will be repulsed, but the “savior” will not be Jesus or the Holy Spirit, it will be a new cult, a fake religion, based on AI. In order to prevent any further alien invasions, mankind will be sold on the need to be enhanced and this can only be achieved by accepting a chip, an implant, which will permanently alter our DNA and behavior. Thus, the Transhumanism Age will commence and will progress with great rapidity. Hillary Clinton is playing and will play an even larger role in this deception, her 2016 election defeat notwithstanding.

Key Questions for the Clintons

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7 Responses to “Are We the Last Generation of Humans? The Great Deception is Upon Us”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    We sure are. We’re the DO nothing SAY nothing generation. We are NOT the founder generation. We’re the NARRATE generation. The SELF HATING WHITE generation. The CUCKED BY TV TO BE AFRAID OF BEING CALLED AN “IST” NAME generation.

    We’re the BALLESS HOMO generation.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Are we to be afraid of apes with IQ’s this low calling us a name ? Are we to stand by while they run amuck ?

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Farewell blog post / comment community. I leave you with THE answer. THE solution : A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY.

    And THE guys … THE Independent Media platforms that COULD bring about change if they wanted to do the right thing :









    and YouTube :

    Way Of The World

    Red Ice TV

    American Renaissance

  4. bobane

    Once Babylon is destroyed, what follows is abomination and perpetual desolation.
    Prepping is useless.

  5. Robert Edward Lee

    Listen very carefully bobane … Psychology 101 : Lazy balless pansies, ( and I’m not saying this is you, ) who don’t have the substance of a founder … can’t come out and say, “I’m a wuss.” In fact, they might not even know they are. There’s a phrase called ‘psychological protection.’ If all I can afford is an above ground pool … my subconscious might try to convince me that above grounds are ‘better than’ built in pools. If I see programmers make $100k a year but I don’t think I could do that … subconscious to the rescue : Ahh it takes too long, languages keep changing & updating, etc. I’ll just stay rolling burritos at Taco Bell 🙂 See ? There could be 1,000,000 examples. Well, with IM, ( Independent Media, ) guys who see it as a HOBBY … know deep inside they SHOULD push solutions, but just don’t have the nuts … ‘their’ subconscious supplies BS arguments such as ‘America’s under judgement and it’s done decided and destiny … nothing we can do about it.’ These men are listening to their inner lazy voice. Their inner coward voice. WORSE is that they shoot these false concepts all over the internet to the unwashed masses. Don’t fall victim to THEIR pussyishness bobane. Be more George Washington like. God guns n guts built this. Not some pansy’s inner psychological protection voice.

  6. Doug

    The writing has been on the wall for quite some I.would guess at this point that things will occur , shocking most of humanity and all hell will take place. It seems overdue! What ever it may be.

  7. Per Jespersen Elneff



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